What is a Bidet Hand Shower?

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A bidet hand shower, often called a hand-held bidet, is a toilet attachment that is similar in appearance to a small hose. It is often installed into the existing plumbing and hung on the side of a toilet or a nearby wall. This fixture is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to transform a common toilet into a bidet, because it provides a user-operated stream of water to clean the genital area in lieu of toilet paper. Several customers have experienced both pros and cons with various bidet hand shower models.

Bidets have been used for centuries as a way to cleanse the body after using the toilet. A typical bidet consists of a tiny attachment within or near the toilet bowl that shoots a gentle stream of water when desired. A bidet hand shower, on the other hand, is completely external and might only be connected to the toilet via plumbing.

To use a bidet hand shower, one must typically turn on the valve first. This allows water to run through a hose. The water then reaches the nozzle at the end of the hose so that the user can squeeze the handle to release a spray of pressurized water. After use, the valve is usually turned off to conserve water and prevent leaks.


Some people recommend the hand-held bidet over a typical bidet. The proximity to the body, the aim of the water stream, and the water pressure may be easier to control when using a bidet hand shower. Individuals who prefer bidets to other methods, but still do not feel sufficiently clean with these bidet models, may find the hand-held option preferable.

Many proponents of the bidet tout its health, environmental and economical benefits. Some believe water cleanses the body more efficiently than dry, coarse toilet paper, which has also been known to cause toilet clogs. A great deal of water may be necessary to flush the paper. Furthermore, trees, water and chemicals are used when making toilet paper.

While water rarely comes for free, regular purchases of toilet paper can add up. There are those who claim to save money over time by using a bidet instead of toilet paper. A bidet hand shower could potentially have numerous pros.

Customer reviews of bidet hand shower models often reveal some cons as well. For instance, the necessity of turning a valve on and off before and after each use can be troublesome. If an individual forgets to close the water valve, water could spill and create more significant problems, such as mold and discoloration on walls and floors. Some models have leakage issues even when the valve is successfully closed. Purchasing products from respectable companies with a customer service department and money-back guarantees could help guard against potential problems.


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Why has no one questioned the potential unhygienic aspect of using the bidet, which could cause splashes of soiled water around the immediate areas (including the genitals)?

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