What is a Bidet Attachment?

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A bidet attachment is a fixture for a toilet that provides a jet of water people can use to wash their genitals and rear ends after using the toilet. It is modeled on the bidet, a standalone bathroom fixture intended for use after going to the bathroom. Bidet attachments can be used when a bathroom does not have room for a full size bidet, or when people wish to add this functionality to the bathroom without an expensive remodel. Many hardware stores carry these devices, and they can also be ordered through catalogs.

The most basic bidet attachment hooks into the plumbing for the toilet and provides an adjustable jet of cool water when it is turned on. After people use the toilet, they can use the jet for personal cleaning purposes. Other attachments are routed through the warm water plumbing for more comfort, and can come with added features like jets with pulsing features and other adjustable options. The control panel or knob for the bidet may be located on the side of the toilet or next to the toilet, depending on the design.


Some bidet attachments are firmly fixed in place, while others swing out of the way when not in use, and may be pulled out on a hose to make them easier to use and manipulate. Costs for such fixtures vary, depending on the features; they can range from relatively inexpensive models to quite costly versions, some of which are intended to go with toilets that have added features like heated seats.

When comparing models and pricing information, it is important to confirm that a given model is compatible with the toilet, as not all fixtures will attach universally. In addition, people may want to consider ease of installation. A bidet attachment may be simple enough for someone with no plumbing experience to install appropriately, or it could require some additional plumbing skills. Needing to hire a plumber will add to the overall cost of the bidet attachment.

If a local hardware or home supply store does not appear to carry bidet attachments, it may be possible to order them through the store. Supply catalogs should provide images and specifications to give people an idea of the options available. Ordering directly through a plumbing catalog or online store is also a possibility; it is wise to inquire about return policies when ordering a bidet attachment directly, in case there is a problem.


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