What is a Bid Form?

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A bid form is typically required by any firm responding to a tendering process for construction or renovation projects. The actual layout of the form and the information required is provided by the tendering organization. In construction and renovation projects, it is very common for the tendering responses to include blueprints, project plans, costing, detailed specifications, and a host of other information. The purpose of this form is to provide a one-page summary of the essential information related to the bid.

Although the details may vary, the bid form is divided into four sections: submitting company's contact information, project details, bid details, and essential notes. Experienced companies require vendors to prepare two copies of the bid form in advance of the submission. Upon receipt of the bid response, both copies are stamped with the time and date received, and signed by a duly authorized representative of the tendering firm. One copy is attached to the submission, and the other returned to the vendor. This bid form is then part of the overall package, providing proof of receipt, should there be a dispute later on.


The first section of the bid form includes the pertinent information about the submitting company. This includes the company's legal and operating name, head office address, tax account number, primary and secondary contacts, as well as telephone, email, and fax numbers. If the state requires all construction or renovation firms to have licenses or permits, the numbers should be included on the bid form. If the company is a sole proprietor or partnership, the names of the owners should also be listed. This information is not required for incorporated companies.

The project details should include the tender number, name of the tendering company, and contact information. Many firms include the overview or synopsis of the project in this section, copied straight from the tender documents. The purpose of including the synopsis is to clearly identify the project that the bid is for.

The details about the bid are typically the total dollar value and any specific exclusion. For example, a tendered project to design and construct a bridge may include the total dollar value of the project, plus a statement that the costs for the environmental assessment and approval are not included. This information is an essential part of the bid and must be clearly defined.

Essential notes provide information that form part of the bid, but are subject to change. Information about potential delays in project start time, due to an ongoing strike or unavailability of materials, is usually included in this section. These conditions are the same for all providers, but need to be defined in the response.


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