What is a Bicycle Jersey?

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Bicycle jerseys are lightweight garments for the upper body that is meant to allow maximum movement of the arms and neck, while still allowing the biking enthusiast to maintain a comfortable temperature. They come in short sleeved and long sleeved versions. Some are made to slip over the head comfortably, while other models may have a zipper down the front of the garment. While some people prefer form fitting bicycle jerseys, other persons may prefer cuts that are slightly loose, while still allowing for easy movement of the arms and neck.

There is some controversy over the type of fabric that makes the best bicycle jerseys. Some believe that all of these garments should be made of natural fibers such as cotton. The idea is that natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe and will ultimately benefit bicycle riders by allowing perspiration to naturally cool the body. Others believe that blends of synthetic and natural fibers that create a wicking effect will allow the same ability, while also ensuring that the garment still appears to look fresh during the rides. The truth may be that both types of bicycle jerseys may be perfectly usable, depending on the climate and the frequency of use. Persons who rely on bicycles as transportation for work and errands may find that the blended jersey material is a better option, while the more casual ride may find the cotton type to be ideal.


Bicycle jerseys are manufactured for various types of cycling activity. Men and women alike can choose jerseys that are made for professional racing, cross country biking tours, or casual biking across the neighborhood. They can be colorful garments, displaying any color scheme the biker may like. There are lines of bicycle jerseys that feature the logos of sports teams, neon glowing colors, and subdued pastels.


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Post 7

I live near Cheaha Mountain in Alabama. The road leading up the mountain is a popular road for cyclists and other riders. There is a popular look-out point where they often stop and refresh.

One day when my friends and I were hiking up the mountain and came across some of the cyclists. They all had on the exact same bicycle jerseys. They were yellow and black. I asked one of them how they kept themselves cool in the extremely hot temperatures in the south. They said that it is all about the fabric. He told me that they all use cotton jerseys. He said it keeps them much cooler in the heat.

I commend them for cycling. It is so hot in Alabama in the middle of the summer, there is no way that I could handle the heat and going uphill on a bicycle!

Post 6

It's not hard to find a bicycle jersey that fits your style. I have seen everything from Star Wars themes to every major sports team available.

It is easy to find something that is comfortable and promotes whatever you are interested in. I think my favorite ones are the patriotic ones.

There is a major bike trail that goes by my house and I have seen a lot of different bicycling jerseys, but those that are patriotic always stand out the most to me.

Post 5

Our state does a huge bike ride across the entire state every summer. Every year they have a different route, but always start at one end of the state and end a week later at the other end.

The towns they spend the night in along the way always work very hard to make sure they are well fed and given a warm welcome.

This year one of their over night stops was my home town. I had no idea there was such a wide variety of bicycling attire and saw some pretty crazy looking bicycle jerseys going by. I must say, even though some of them looked kind of wild, they did look comfortable - especially if you were going to riding a long distance like that.

Post 4

Whether you enjoy a loose fitting bicycle jersey or one that is fitted, you can't argue with how comfortable the material is. If you are doing any serious riding at all, you will get pretty hot and sweaty and nothing works like a good bicycle jersey.

I used to wear t-shirts when I would ride my bike, but after one of my friends told me to try a bicycle jersey, I have never worn anything else if I can help it.

Post 3

Having a few bicycle jerseys in your wardrobe is a good idea if you cycle on a regular basis. They really do help you keep cooler and do wonders for your speed on the road.

I never really thought about how much resistance I was getting from my regular old t-shirts when I was racing my friends, but after I tried a bicycle jersey on I was surprised at how much better I did on the road.

If you are trying to find a bicycle jersey make sure you check the fit of it at the store. The jersey should be tight, but comfortable at the same time.

Post 2

@strawCake - I just recently took up cycling. I kind of didn't get what the big deal about the attire was until I really started riding. Sweat is a serious problem for me.

I've been just riding in regular t-shirts, but I think I'm going to invest in some bicycling jerseys and maybe the shorts too!

Post 1

My step-father is a bicycling enthusiast and he swears by his bicycle jerseys. He prefers the kind that are a blend of synthetics and cotton. He says the way sweat shows on the 100% cotton jerseys is downright embarrassing.

Although my step-father loves his bicycle jerseys, he draws the line at the fitted bicycle shorts. I'm glad, because those shorts kind of freak me out, especially when worn by men.

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