What Is a Bicep Bomber?

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A bicep bomber is a workout device designed to help a weight lifter perform bicep curls correctly and effectively. The device usually features a padded neck cushion or strap that is attached to nylon webbing when wraps around to the front of the body. This webbing is then attached to a waist support that is rigid enough to support the weight of the barbell. The waist support of the bicep bomber is usually cushioned on the inside for comfort, and it is contoured to allow for comfortable positioning of the biceps and elbows.

A barbell or a set of dumbbells are used in conjunction with the bicep bomber to give the weight lifter an effective workout. The lifter will decide how much weight to lift, as long as it is within the recommended weight limits of the bicep bomber. Once the weight has been loaded on the barbell or on the dumbbells, the lifter will get into proper position by resting the back of his arms against the contoured part of the belt. The arms will hang down in the starting position with the palms of the hands facing outward. The lifter will then perform a bicep curl as normal.


The benefits of using the bicep bomber range from encouraging proper technique to preventing injury. Many lifters who perform biceps curls often perform the motion incorrectly, increasing the likelihood of injury. Improper technique can also prevent the lifter from making noticeable gains in muscle development, as improper form is unlikely to strengthen the muscles properly. Injuries such as muscle strains or tears are also more likely when the lifter performs a bicep curl incorrectly, which can lead to long lasting problems and stalls in workout programs.

Some lifters find the bicep bomber difficult to use because the waist belt can place extra pressure on the stomach, making breathing difficult. Other lifters contend that the system should not be necessary if the lifter is lifting the appropriate amount of weight for his or her ability levels, and if that lifter pays attention to proper form. The idea that the system promotes laziness is prevalent in some circles, though other lifters praise the system as a great way to train beginners to use proper form while lifting and to prevent injury. Most experienced lifters will not need the system, as they have developed proper form without the use of aids.


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