What is a Beer Bong?

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Beer bongs are considered an almost essential component around many parties where drinking games are practiced. Essentially, a beer bong is a device that features a long funnel that is attached to some sort of container.

Sometimes referred to as a tube bong, the beer bong is often employed in the drinking game that is known as funneling. Essentially, the game requires two or more participants who will attempt to drink the largest amount of liquid. Beer is often the liquid of choice, although teetotalers have been known to enjoy the game using a non-fermented substance instead.

A beer bong with a valve at the drinking end of the funnel can be filled with the liquid in advance. This allows the container to be filled before the contestant takes his or her place. If the beer bong does not have a valve, the contestant is set into position and uses the tip of his or her tongue to keep the liquid in place while the container is filled. Generally, the body of the beer bong is situated above the participant, so that gravity can help drive the liquid through the piping of the funnel and into the mouth of the waiting contestant.


At the prompting of a timekeeper, the liquid begins to flow into the mouths of the contestants. The task involved in using the beer bong is to be able to swallow the liquid fast enough to prevent an overflow of the liquid out of the mouth. In many games, failures to ingest all the contents of the beer bong leads to losing the competition. The first contestant to successfully empty the beer bong without spilling any of the contents is considered the winner.

While the use of a beer bong has often been a staple at keg parties and in clubs and pubs where alcohol is enjoyed, health experts warn that the rapid ingestion of alcohol can have a serious toll on the body. It is possible to ingest so much alcohol that organs begin to shut down, making it necessary to seek medical attention immediately. Some clubs and other organizations that once allowed the use of a beer bong now either actively discourage the practice of tunneling, or forbid it altogether. As more evidence about the impact of excess alcohol consumption continues to grow, the beer bong may become an interesting relic of times past rather than the essential party instrument that the device is currently considered to be.


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Post 4

I was shocked to see that you could buy beer bongs at my local convenience store. There is not a college anywhere near the store so I guess they are trying to expand the use of beer bongs outside of frat houses. I got done wrong by way too many beer bongs in college. Just seeing it in the store made me a little queasy.

Post 3

A friend of mine is very handy and he built a double beer bong with valves on each one of the funnels. The valves meant that the person taking the beer bong could control when the beer came rushing down the tube. I will not call it a feat of engineering but it was pretty cool.

Post 2

I will tell you guys a crazy story about a beer bong. Mind you, this happened in college and I have not done a beer bong in probably 8 years. It was a fun thing from my past but I don't usually miss it.

So I had a friend named Michael that was pretty wild. He would try anything once and usually ended up doing it a dozen times. One time he rigged up a beer bong with a hose that stretched down three stories of a building. We had a friend in a third flood dorm so we set the beer bong up outside his window. Michael was lying on the ground outside with the end of the

hose in his mouth. I was at the top with the funnel and a fresh 40 oz bottle of beer.

He said the whole forty rushed into his stomach in one big wave. He looked all right for about 30 seconds and then puked everywhere. It might sound stupid and pathetic now, but at the time I was rolling on the floor with laughter. Ah college, what a fun and silly time.

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