What is a Beer Belt?

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Apparently personal beer delivery systems are also subject to the evolutionary process. First, there was the stadium cup, an oversized single serving of beer prone to spills and other close-proximity traumas. The next logical step was the development of the beer helmet. This device allows the user to attach two cans of beer to either side of the helmet and sip the contents through a plastic tube. Social acceptance of this beer delivery system has been variable at best, and its capacity is still limited to two cans of beer.

Enter the newest solution to the beer holding dilemma; a sleek device known as a beer belt or hops holster. A beer belt consists of six plastic beverage holders threaded through a nylon belt. The beer belt wearer loads canned or bottled beer into the holders and snaps the adjustable belt around his or her waist. A hops holster may also be slung around the wearer's shoulder for a different effect. Sometimes servers in a bar will serve customers beers pulled from a beer belt or hops holster.

The beer belt is an ideal solution for tailgate parties, since it leaves both hands free for other activities. Party-goers and sports fans can load up from a cooler and reload if necessary. The empty cans or bottles can be placed back into the beer belt for easy disposal or recycling.


Although considered a novelty or gag gift by some, a basic beer belt can often be purchased at larger beverage stores or through online specialty stores. Some may also be customized with a beer company's logo or a sports team's official colors. A standard beer belt generally retails for $15-$20 US Dollars, although more advanced models with insulated holders can sell for much more. Because the basic elements, a nylon belt and portable cup holders, can be purchased separately, an enterprising beverage drinker might be able to create a homemade beer belt with a few modifications.

Obviously, a beer belt could be used for other applications as well. The device would also hold canned or bottled soft drinks during a family picnic, and a hiker or climber could store bottled water or energy drinks in a more accessible location than a backpack.


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