What is a Bed Tent?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Bed tents are easy-to-assemble tents that are designed to attach with ease to the top of a mattress. This type of tent can function in the same manner as a bed canopy for adults, while also functioning as a great feature in a child’s room. Prefabricated tents are available to fit a bunk bed as well single and double beds. There are also patterns and kits that can be used to create a bed tent from scratch if desired.

Two young boys
Two young boys

For kids, the tent bed is one way to provide hours of fun. Many designs feature color schemes and patterns that are appealing to children of many ages. Some designs sport currently popular cartoon characters as well as performers who are popular with the pre-teen set. Most designs for a kid’s tent bed will include mesh windows and a front flap, just like a tent designed for camping purposes. This allows the youngster to engage in all sorts of pretend games with the use of the tent as a cave, headquarters or whatever else the child imagines the tent to represent.

Larger models are also designed for adults. Constructed with sturdy fabrics, the tents are available in many different colors, making it easy to find a tent that will work with an existing color scheme. Since the adult bed tent covers the entire top area of the mattress, there is still plenty of room to move around in bed. However, the tent offers the benefit of providing a little more privacy and may also make it easier to keep warm in a cool environment.

Tent beds for adults and children are both constructed for easy set-up. Some designs have a retractable frame that allows the tent to be set up in minutes. Other models use a center pole as part of the construction. In either case, the shell of the bed tent is made of material that can be cleaned easily. With most tents, the material can be cleaned by wiping the surface with a wet cloth. Once the material it cleaned, it can be allowed to air dry without having to move the tent off the bed.

The average bed tent includes a non-skid floor panel that makes it easier for the device to stay in place on a mattress. Many designs also include ties that can be used to secure the tent in place at each corner by tying the ties around each of the four corners of the bed. Other designs have a floor panel that is constructed with a fitted bottom that hugs the mattress, in a manner similar to a fitted bed sheet.

Bed tents can be purchased at many different retail outlets. Children’s models are often found at large chain toy stores and discount retail stores. Designs for adults are sometimes found in the bedding departments of large department stores. In addition, the bed tent can be purchased at a number of Internet stores.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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do you sell the bed tents you make?


My wife and I designed a bed tent for children with autism where you simply drop a twin sized mattress inside. The bed tent is sturdy design with safety straps to keep from tipping! It's mobile and can easily be taken anywhere. The bed tent has three points of access so it's easy to get to your child or change the sheets. It does not have any zippers inside and all poles are covered.

It called the Nickel Bed Tent, named after our autistic son, Nick. He loves his bed tent and sleeps very well throughout the night. My wife and I can now finally get some sleep at night and most of all, feel a little more secure knowing he's much safer in the bed tent.

We designed this with parents of special needs children in mind. We know first hand how tight money can be raising a special needs child.

Our hope is to help special needs children and their parents/families rest comfortably and peacefully throughout the night.

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