What is a Beauty School?

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More commonly referred to as cosmetology school, a beauty school is an institute of higher learning that trains persons in the history, background, and application of the skills associated with the profession of cosmetology. Essentially, the function of the beauty school revolves around instruction in the care and maintenance of hair, skin, and nails. Here are a few facts about the beauty school, and why successful graduation from an accredited school is essential in order to engage in the several careers associated with cosmetology.

One of the first things to understand about beauty schools is that the curriculum of most schools is geared toward training persons to effectively pursue careers that may encompass a number of beauty techniques and treatments. Among these are hairstyling, facial and body cosmetic application, body hair removal, hair treatments such as curling or straightening, manicures, and pedicures. The aim is to not only ensure the graduate is proficient with the tasks associated with each discipline.

Along with understanding how to apply the techniques, the beauty school also helps the graduate to know when a technique is not in the best interests of the client. For example, a trained hairstylist will known that the application of a permanent to a particular head of hair may result in making the hair brittle. In this instance, the stylist will be able to recommend other treatments that will help to improve the condition of the hair, rather than damage it further.


Just about every jurisdiction in the United States requires that persons who work in the field of cosmetology be licensed. In most of these jurisdictions, graduation from an accredited barber or beauty school will be required before the license will be issued. Many beauty schools will accept an applicant as young as sixteen years old. However, more beauty schools are requesting that applicants possess either a high school diploma or a valid GED before acceptance is granted. In general, the beauty school will be proficient in the requirements of the local jurisdiction as part of the licensing process. To that end, the beauty school often offers support to graduates in preparing for the licensing exams that are required before the license is granted.

While the beauty school is not a discipline that requires years of study, most schools offer comprehensive courses of study in all the essential disciplines associated with cosmetology. The aim of the beauty school is to turn out cosmetologists that are knowledgeable, proficient, and professional in their work. As some schools around the country continue to refine their curricula as well as their entry standards, there is no doubt that many of the schools will achieve those goals with almost all their graduates.


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