What is a Beauty Editor?

Cassie L. Damewood

A beauty editor, also commonly known as a beauty writer, is the person who composes and edits articles and columns on beauty industry trends and ways for women and men to be fashionable and attractive. She may work for a newspaper, magazine or a Web site. Smaller publications often require a beauty editor to also work as a fashion or style editor or incorporate these topics into her beauty writing.

A beauty editor might investigate and write about the newest beauty products.
A beauty editor might investigate and write about the newest beauty products.

Beauty can be normally be achieved in a variety of ways. A beauty editor commonly varies her topics to include health, exercise and attitude, all of which generally affect a person’s attractiveness. To appeal to a wide audience, her writing typically provides information for various age groups of men and women.

Beauty editors need to keep abreast of emerging trends in the cosmetic industry.
Beauty editors need to keep abreast of emerging trends in the cosmetic industry.

Research is customarily a significant part of a beauty editor’s job. She frequently learns of new industry trends or products through press releases, word of mouth or general news publications. Before she decides to write on a topic, she customarily researches it on the Internet, using Web sites she trusts for timely and accurate information.

To keep her readers’ interest, a beauty editor typically varies the style and topics of her articles. The writing normally includes factual reporting along with opinion pieces from beauty industry experts and consumers. Self-administered quizzes and questionnaires are usually popular among readers of beauty related materials as well. Product recalls or consumer concerns related to beauty products and items are often discussed in articles written by beauty editors.

In addition to writing and editing duties, a beauty editor is typically expected to attend community events, such as fundraisers and galas to represent the publication for which she writes. Her presence is often required at trade shows and conventions as well. She frequently makes contacts at these functions that provide insights and ideas for new articles and stories related to beauty and fashion.

A common advantage to being a beauty editor is meeting with industry sales representatives. These contacts normally provide her with new product samples and brochures describing their beauty products in hopes the editor will positively comment on them in her publication. These representatives frequently provide a fashion editor with inside contacts she can use to gain information for more in-depth articles.

There are no educational requirements for this position. Some publications may prefer a degree in journalism or creative writing for these job applicants. Samples of published articles on beauty related topics are strongly preferred for those aspiring to this position. Paid or unpaid internships at a fashion or beauty magazine are considered assets for beauty editor job seekers.

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