What is a Battery Operated Lamp?

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A battery operated lamp can also be called a cordless lamp, and these come in a plethora of forms. Styles exist that can be clipped onto a stable surface, placed on tables or that stand on the floor. Advantages to the battery operated lamp are numerous. They don’t require wall plugs and can be easily moved from place to place. Many people choose these lamps for homes, campers or motor homes, or for small spaces that lack lots of outlets, like dorm rooms.

When customers are choosing battery operated lamp types, they do need to weigh a few options. These can include whether to purchase lamps that have rechargeable batteries and a charger that comes with purchase. Alternately, they will have to plan on replacing batteries on a regular basis if the lamp is used frequently. When these lamps come with chargers, they are more expensive in the onset but may ultimately save money down the road because battery replacement isn’t necessary.

Another choice is whether to purchase a battery operated lamp that needs regular light bulb replacement. Many types do not require this and may be better choices. However, some people prefer the lighting offered by standard or energy efficient bulbs and may want to look for those lamps that do have replaceable bulb options.


While there are myriad battery operated lamps that look very similar to plug-in lamps, minus the cord, there are also plenty of styles that can significantly contribute to a room’s décor. Some lamps are made in sculpted or artistic shapes, and a few even have kitschy features and are so-called mood lamps or lava lamps. Other forms of battery operated lighting that may be attractive are things like flameless candles, which can provide ambiance and lighting in bathrooms, on wall-mounted stands, or on dining room tables.

Like a plug-in lamp, a battery operated lamp can have several different lighting settings. These adjustable lamps may allow people to change from lower power to higher power light, as circumstances require. Some even operate by remote, which can make changing lights or switching on and off lights quite easy to accomplish, provided nobody loses the remote.

Shoppers in search of a battery operated lamp will find them in numerous locations. Lighting stores, department stores, home improvement stores, and even places like candle stores are great locations to start a search for these. For the customer who wants more options, there are numerous battery operated lamps online too, at many different Internet stores.


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Post 5

I am looking to buy a battery operated floor lamp for reading. Any suggestions on where I can get one? I don't want to mess with a cord running across my hardwood floors.

Post 4

@Perdido – I would think that such a small lamp wouldn't use too much battery juice. However, I have a huge battery operated floor lamp, and it will only run for thirty-three hours before I have to replace the batteries.

I only turn it on while I'm reading, so I don't use it for more than an hour each day. Still, having to replace four D-size batteries once a month can get rather costly.

Maybe I should switch to using a small reading lamp like yours. My floor lamp is decorative enough to be used just for looks, so I could stop turning it on and save on batteries.

Post 3

I have some battery operated candles that have a timer inside. They will come on at a certain time and shut off after burning for five hours.

I don't like to sleep in a totally dark room, so I set the timer to make the candles come on right at my bedtime. Since they burn for hours before shutting off, I have plenty of time to fall asleep, and once I'm asleep, I don't notice the darkness.

These candles actually scared my young niece when she came over. She didn't know that they were automatic, and she thought that a ghost had turned them on!

Post 2

My uncle got married in December, and at his wedding, there was a big vase full of fake tree branches with battery powered lights inside the flower blossoms.

It gave a very beautiful, soft glow to the room. The blossoms were yellowish-white, and the light shone through to give a candle effect. Since the overhead lights had been dimmed, the glowing blooms looked even more dramatic.

It's good that the setup didn't require a cord. That would have been hard to hide and unsightly. Instead, the arrangement looked positively magical, as if it were glowing of its own accord.

Post 1
I use a small battery-operated reading lamp at night in bed. My husband goes to sleep before I do, so leaving the regular overhead light on is not an option. The reading lamp is small enough and dim enough that it doesn't disturb him.

It has a clamp so that I can attach it to the book that I'm reading. It also has a shield so that the light does not shine directly in my eyes.

The light has a slight bluish tint, so it is easy on the eyes. I really don't have to replace the battery very often, and I use the lamp several times a week.

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