What is a Baseball Cap?

R. Kayne

A baseball cap is a soft hat that fits close to the crown with a stiff extended bill for shading the eyes. The back of the cap typically has an adjusting strap for a universal fit. The baseball cap was made famous by the national sport of the United States, but has become so ubiquitous it is no longer strictly associated with baseball.

Baseball caps have long, broad bills at the front.
Baseball caps have long, broad bills at the front.

A league baseball cap reflects team colors and features embroidered initials of the team’s hometown above the bill. The crown portion of the cap is made in six joined panels with eyelets for ventilation. Fans commonly wear team caps to advertise their loyalty. However, the baseball cap has moved beyond sports fans to become everything from a fashion statement, to a promotional tool, to an everyday piece of clothing as commonplace as tee shirts and jeans.

Harley Davidson uses baseball caps to advertise their brand.
Harley Davidson uses baseball caps to advertise their brand.

In the United States, the popularity of the baseball cap is virtually unparalleled with any other type of hat. The cotton fabric is cool to wear while still supplying protection from the sun making it versatile and comfortable. It can also be folded and shoved into a backpack or back pocket without doing it damage, and in most cases can be tossed in the washer and dryer.

In the 80s, the rap and hip-hop community embraced the baseball cap, turning it into required clothing to all who subscribed to this new musical scene. The brim was often worn backward, eventually catching on outside the genres. It is also often worn at odd angles, and while traditionally curved, is sometimes worn flat.

The modest, adjustable baseball cap has become a recognized billboard for products, advertisements and endorsements of all kinds. A Nike® hat is probably one of the most recognized types of baseball hats, but breweries, Harley Davidson®, and virtually every other major corporation with a public product uses baseball hats to advertise their brands.

Custom baseball caps can be had for very reasonable fees, allowing not just businesses but anyone to have one or more caps made for any purpose. One can choose the type of cap, optional contrasting colored bills, font, and design styles. Build a custom cap online and view it in virtual form before ordering. Advertise your website, business, hobby, or make a custom cap for a personalized gift. Others capitalize on news events and sell original caps for profit.

The versatility of the baseball cap is what makes it so popular, not just as a clothing item, but as an advertising tool. Whether grabbing your favorite hat out of habit, or planning for corporate success, the baseball cap can figure into just about any scenario.

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