What is a Bar Cart?

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A bar cart is a mobile unit used to carry alcoholic beverages. It is most commonly provided a spot in the kitchen or in the dining room, though other rooms can hold one as well. Whether or not the cart is kept in another room largely depends on its design.

In most cases, this piece of furniture is contained on a square or rectangular base with four casters, one on each corner. If the bar cart is particularly large, there may be two or more additional casters spaced along the perimeter of the bottom. The casters make it easy for the cart to be moved from place to place, which is particularly helpful during social gatherings.

A bar cart may be crafted from wood or stainless steel. Those that are made from stainless steel are more commonly kept in the kitchen or used for outdoor entertainment. Those made of wood may also be used in the kitchen, but are sometimes found in the dining room or even in the living room. A wooden cart is generally not used for outdoor entertaining.


The most basic bar cart usually has a shelf at the bottom where glassware may be stored. It also has a wine rack for storing wine bottles and an additional shelf above the wine rack. More glassware may be placed here, as may pitchers or bottles of other alcoholic beverages. The cart also commonly has one or more racks along the outside perimeter on which towels or other items may be hung.

A high end bar cart has many extras that are not found in the basic model. For example, it may contain cabinets on the bottom with doors that can be opened and closed. A high end cart may also include its own sink and filtration system, as well as built in cutting boards, removable side shelves, and built in bottle openers.


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