What is a Band Clamp?

Alex Tree

A band clamp, also referred to as a screw or web clamp, is a metal band with a cut or pressed screw threading pattern on the inner side of the band. On the other end is a latching mechanism or screw to tighten the hold of the clamp and adjust the seal. A band hose clamp can be used to attach a hose to a nib, pipe, or fitting. Stainless steel band clamps are used to attach accessories, tubes, or hoses to a structure or to hold things in place. Band clamps are used in medical applications such as carotid artery clamping or as gastric bands for losing weight.

Gastric bands are used in weight-loss surgery, often reducing the size of the stomach.
Gastric bands are used in weight-loss surgery, often reducing the size of the stomach.

The size and diameter of a band clamp, as well as the design of the clamp and latching mechanism, depends on its intended usage and application. In the industrial and manufacturing industries, such as aircraft assembly, a band clamp acts as a restraint to support and hold things in place while minimizing or eliminating vibratory movements in certain types of equipment. The telecommunications and electrical industries use band clamps to attach pole fittings to electrical poles, bundle wires, or hold other electrical components in place. Not only are the clamps used as restraints, but exhaust band clamps are ideal for connecting exhaust pipes together to ensure a tight airless seal.

Band clamps can be made out of various types of materials, including plastic, polymer, or metal. Most often, stainless steel is used in the manufacturing industry, but other types of metals can also be used depending on the intended application. The force capacity of the band clamp will depend on whether it will be used for high-pressure or low-pressure applications and if it is for restraints, attachments, or connection purposes. This is called the clamping force, which is measured in pounds. There should be even force around the band clamp to ensure that the seal is tight, no leakage is possible, and the attachment is secure.

There are specific standards for manufacturing set by various standard entities that are dependent on where the band clamps are applied. For instance, hose clamps should conform to Military (MIL) manufacturing standard AA-52506-B. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has set ASTM F98 as the standard for clamps used in surgical implants. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has also developed and published standards for testing, usage and application of band clamps in various industries.

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