What is a Banana Clip?

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The banana clip is a hair accessory slightly similar in shape to a banana. It is usually about 5-6 inches (12.7-15.24 cm) long with a curve inward meant to support the curve of the back of the head. The clip has teeth on both sides, which can hold “updos” in place, and it is opened, then fastened and clipped at one end.

You’ll find the banana clip in a wide range of styles and prices. The most popular appears to be a simple plastic tortoiseshell patterned type, with smooth edges along the clip. Others are much fancier, patterned with rhinestones, or featuring decorative fluted edges. Considering the strength of the banana clip is important. If you have very long, thick hair, you may need to look for a clip that is rated for your type of hair, which some brands will feature. A very thin, delicate banana clip may not properly hold the hair and the teeth may break easily.

The banana clip style is also popular for adding temporary hair extensions. If your hair is on the short side, you can usually find banana clips with an attached ponytail that give you the look of much longer hair. Unlike more permanent types of extensions or weaves, these are simple to remove, merely by unfastening the clip.


One of the popular uses for the banana clip is to use one to secure a French twist. When the hair has been twisted and tucked, the clip is inserted on both sides of the twist, and for the right type of hair, can provide all day hold. You still may want to use a little hair spray to be on the safe side.

Another popular look is to clip the hair with a banana clip into a ponytail. This provides a nice high tail. Alternately, if you have medium-length hair or curly hair, you can clip the hair upward and pointing forward. These clips can additionally be useful if you need to get your hair out of the way to put on makeup, to dry for styling later, or when you’re doing any housework.

You’ll find a few styles of clips at most drug stores, and even more at accessory stores. You can also find a range of them on Internet sites. The less expensive clips may be pretty but tend to easily break, so it might be worth it to spend a little more on a banana clip. Hairdressers often have great recommendations for the best sorts to use for your type of hair, and often sell them at their salons or can tell you which beauty supply stores carry the most durable types.


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Post 6

I believe the first company to sell them was american dream extensions back in the 80's. Don't know if the inventor worked for them or what, though.

Post 5

@doppler - In conjunction with your and abiane's findings, there is also a banana clip for guns. It is really a slang term and you are most likely to see it in the urban dictionary rather than anywhere "legit." It, of course, is called a banana clip like the one mentioned above because of its banana like shape.

Post 4

It is great that this article covers the two most basic looks that banana clips encompass, but there are actually several more looks this item can help with. You can go to Google and search for banana clip looks.

Post 3

@abiane - I am pretty certain that this is why that information was not published in the article above. There are also banana plugs that I found when doing the same search you did. There definitely should be an "inventions encyclopedia" or something to that extent that can help people figure out or find when and where things were invented. I mean, I know the banana clip isn't the most popular piece in the world, but it would still be interesting to know the circumstances of the invention.

Post 2

@anon24111 - I really couldn't tell you, even though your question definitely got me thinking. I came up with a hodge podge of articles after looking up "Who invented the banana clip" in the Google search bar. Anything relatively close came up, such as the banana clip connector, but nothing about the actual inventor or origin of the banana clip itself. Sorry I could not be of more help.

Post 1

where was the Banana clip invented? I am from Flint and according to local folklore the banana clip was invented there.

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