What Is a Bacon Egg Casserole?

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A bacon egg casserole is a hot, layered dish that is often served at breakfast or brunch. In addition to strips of bacon and eggs, it often includes extra ingredients like cheese, cubes of bread or potatoes, and spices. These all help to make the dish more hearty and filling, since it should really be almost an entire meal in a casserole dish. This can be a nice dish to pass at a potluck or family meal, or to give as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time and is not able to cook. One consideration when preparing a bacon egg casserole is that it cannot be frozen, so it is a good idea to only make what can be eaten right away.

There are a number of different recipes to be found online to make a bacon egg casserole. For people who want a healthier alternative to traditional bacon made from pork, turkey bacon is one option; vegan bacon made from soy is another. In general, recipes are made with strips of bacon, or bacon that has been crumbled or broken into smaller pieces. It is always necessary to cook the bacon in a pan ahead of time before assembling the casserole, though.


Most people will then add extra ingredients to the dish at this point to give it more weight and texture. Crumbled cubes of bread or cubed baked potatoes are popular additions that help to make the dish heartier and more filling, and also make it more of a casserole than simply bacon and eggs. For extra flavor, a chopped onion may also be mixed in. In addition, some chefs choose to add some crumbled or shredded cheese and mix it through the dish so that it melts when it is baked.

In general, the eggs for bacon egg casserole are prepared similarly to the way scrambled eggs are made. They are generally mixed together in a bowl with a little bit of milk, as well as any spices that will be used, such as pepper. They may then be poured over the other ingredients and baked that way. The bacon egg casserole is then simply baked in the oven until it is heated through, and the eggs are formed and no longer runny. When it is served as part of a brunch, many people serve it with fruit salad or a lighter dish on the side.


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