What is a Backless Bench?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Backless benches are simple seating options that provide a place to sit without the presence of a backrest as part of the construction. Benches of this type are often utilized in outdoor settings. However, a backless bench may also be used within the home or a public building with equal ease.

Backless benches are a great accessory for a mud room.
Backless benches are a great accessory for a mud room.

One of the more common examples of the backless bench is the simple picnic bench. Picnic benches may be simple stand-alone benches that are placed along the long sides of a picnic table, or a bench that is permanently attached to the table itself. A traditional picnic bench is constructed using wood and is usually stained to match the look of the picnic table. However, many contemporary benches are constructed using metal instead of wood.

A backless bench is sometimes used in public playgrounds and parks. The simple outdoor benches may be constructed with wood, metal, or even concrete. In many instances, the park and playground benches are firmly set into the ground, making it impractical to attempt to move them to another location. Along with serving as a place to sit, the absence of a back on these benches also makes it possible to sit straddling the bench and place a board or card game between two players.

The backless bench is not limited to use in outdoor settings only. Many modern public buildings make use of a padded backless bench in lobbies and other public waiting areas within the building. Often made of metal and featuring a padded seat that is softened with a foam insert, these benches are much easier to maintain than conventional backed seating. This type of indoor backless bench can also be replaced with relatively little expense when compared to other types of seating.

Around the home, it is possible to make use of both an indoor bench as well as an outdoor bench. A backless bench may work very well with a picnic table in the backyard, while a different backless bench adds simple seating to a breakfast nook or in a child’s room. A backless bench is also an excellent accessory for a mud room, providing a simple place to sit while taking off boots and other types of footwear. The bench may also provide simple seating as well as charm to an entry hall.

Constructing a backless bench is a relatively simple task. A number of blueprints are available free of charge to assist in the construction of a bench as a weekend project. It is also possible to purchase mass-produced benches in all types of materials including hard plastics. While simple in design, a backless bench can be a practical and attractive addition in a number of indoor and outdoor settings.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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