What is a Back Scrubber?

B. Miller

A back scrubber is a personal care item used to extend the reach of the arm to clean the back, which can be often be difficult to reach. There are different types of back scrubbers available to suit different needs, such as for daily cleansing or exfoliating. A back scrubber may also be referred to as a back loofah, back brush, or back cleaner.

A back scrubber may be used with regular soap.
A back scrubber may be used with regular soap.

Most back scrubbers feature a long handle make of plastic or wood, with nylon or string looped at one end to allow the scrubber to be hung in the tub or shower. At the other end there is a scrubber, which may be a loofah, a sponge, or a soft bristled brush. Some other designs of back scrubbers simply feature a long scrubber in between two rope handles, though these are slightly less common.

A back scrubber is designed specifically for cleaning the back.
A back scrubber is designed specifically for cleaning the back.

A back scrubber allows someone with limited range of motion to thoroughly cleanse the back, but it may be used by anyone who wants to exfoliate the skin of the back. It may also be used to extend the reach of the arm to cleanse the lower extremities as well, for those who may have trouble bending or reaching. As with any personal care item, be sure to wash the back scrubber thoroughly after each use, and replace it regularly.

A back scrubber may be used with regular soap or body wash for daily cleansing, or it may be used with a body scrub for exfoliating. Exfoliating the skin on the back, the legs or feet with a scrubber and body scrub is much less expensive than paying someone at a salon or spa to do it, and it is relatively simple. It is best to soak the area in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin, then apply the body scrub, and rub it in with the scrubber for a few minutes. After that, the body scrub can be rinsed off, to reveal fresher, softer skin underneath.

A back scrubber may be used for washing the back or legs and feet every day. One should remember, however, to exfoliate only once every week or two. Exfoliating too often can irritate the skin, or even lead to infection.

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I have a long handled back scrubber that makes it easy for me to reach every area of my back without straining. When I take a bath, the back scrubber will reach my lower legs and feet so I don't have to lean too far forward. This is an important consideration when you're my age and you've had some back surgery. I know my wife wouldn't object to helping me reach the middle of my back, but I'm a private person and I prefer to take care of my own personal hygiene.

I've also been know to use a back scrubber to apply medicated creams if I start feeling sore.


I didn't realize how much I needed a good back scrubber when my wife bought me one for Christmas last year. I have chronic bursitis in both my shoulders, and I can't reach the middle of my back while I'm showering. As a result, my back is usually pretty itchy all the time. That back scrubber allows me to exfoliate the skin on my back, and also apply anti-itch cream if I need it.

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