What is a Baby Shower Centerpiece?

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A baby shower centerpiece is a decorative object or set of items that usually occupy the center of a serving table or the tables where guests will eat during a baby shower. Flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, and baby toys are all commonly used to create such centerpieces. Typically, the centerpiece will be selected to match a theme or set of colors related to the new baby’s nursery. It is customary to send the centerpieces home as a gift to the expectant mother.

Floral arrangements are some of the most traditional baby shower centerpieces. Any variety of flowers can be arranged in a vase or non-standard container such as a baby bottle or plastic pail. While they can be expensive, arrangements ordered from a local florist are often the simplest and least time-consuming for the hostess to use. As with any floral centerpiece, it is important to consider the size of the table and choose an appropriate arrangement that will enhance, but not overwhelm guests if they are to converse across the table.


An edible baby shower centerpiece is also very effective and can be enjoyed by all of the guests. A cake decorated to match the theme and color scheme of the shower can be placed on a serving table to tie in the rest of the decor. Fruit centerpieces are also popular, especially when designed and carved to look like floral arrangements. A large watermelon cut in the shape of a bassinet or baby carriage can be filled with fresh fruit and placed alongside the food. A chocolate fountain would also add an extravagant touch as a baby shower centerpiece and guests could use it for dipping fresh fruit and other sweets.

Non-traditional items also provide some unique and well-themed baby shower centerpiece ideas. Rubber ducks floating in a bowl of water add a whimsical touch to each table and votive candles can be displayed in empty baby food jars tied with ribbons. A wreath placed in the center of each table might be decorated with baby toys or items such as pacifiers and teething rings. Another popular centerpiece is a diaper cake which can be constructed from cloth or disposable diapers and decorated with ribbons and other items that will be useful for the new baby.

A baby shower centerpiece does not always have to be located in the center of a table. A baby bassinet, stroller, or cradle filled with gifts can be placed nearby to add a special touch. If a clothesline is hung across the room, guests can bring baby clothes to pin to it. These centerpieces will not only add to the decor in the room, but serve as very practical gifts for the mother and baby.


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Post 2

Hquir - you have some interesting ideas. I also enjoyed the idea of having the baby carriage in the corner of the room, but maybe put a unique twist on it by having guests bring small items to place in the carriage for the mother-to-be.

This could give the guests an opportunity to bring favorite family items and other baby supplies that experienced mothers find helpful. By doing this, it will help give the guest of honor some input from seasoned veterans and the opportunity to gain useful knowledge.

Post 1

I have attended a few baby showers and have been very impressed with the great ideas used to decorate the shower area. One unique idea is to use baby pictures of guests and have a “Who is that Baby?” contest. It gives the guests a great avenue to get to know each other and is a fabulous ice breaker!

Also, the hostess could organize the centerpieces to represent the different stages of the expectant couple’s life together, such as pictures and trinkets from vacations and hobbies.

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