What Healthcare Jobs Don't Require Medical School?

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When many people consider healthcare jobs, the first thing that may cross their minds is going to medical school to become a doctor. However, there is an abundance of jobs a person may consider if she feels an affinity for the medical field but does not want to attend medical school. The amount of time a person needs to train for these positions can range from just a few weeks to years.

One of the healthcare jobs a person may apply for without going to medical school is that of a home health aid. A person may become a home health aid with just a high school diploma or GED and a couple of weeks of training, depending on where he or she is seeking employment. Home health asides often go into the homes of the elderly and those with chronic, debilitating conditions to help them with personal care tasks, bathing, grooming, and keeping their personal surroundings orderly. A home health aid may also help the patient to remember medications. Often, they also keep track of the patient's vital signs.


There are also many technical healthcare jobs that do not require medical school attendance. For example, a person may become a radiology technician and take x-rays for a living. This job may require just one to four years of training, depending on the laws of the area. Some people in this field choose to expand on their training by gaining training and experience with Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures, computed tomographic (CT) scans, and similar diagnostic procedures. Performance of these procedures do not require medical school.

Nursing is another field a person may enter without attending medical school, and it is one that offers numerous options. Nurses care for people in all types of medical settings, ranging from schools and doctor’s offices to hospitals, clinic, and nursing homes. They may work with patients of all ages, ranging from newborn infants to elderly people. These healthcare jobs do not require medical school attendance. A person can become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) with just one year of training or a registered nurse (RN) with just two to four years of training.

One type of healthcare job allows a person to do most of the things a doctor does without going to medical school. This job is that of a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners receive advanced training in the field of nursing and are able to act as primary care providers for their patients. They see patients for regular checkups, prescribe medications, evaluate conditions, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe treatments. People who choose this job typically earn master’s degrees in nursing.


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Post 3

SauteePan-there are so many healthcare jobs openings available that if one really wants a healthcare job he or she just need to look at the job postings available on not only job posting sites but on a hospital websites as well.

Many hospitals offer tuition assistance for students seeking a nursing degree. Baptist Hospital for example offers third year RN student's tuition reimbursement provided that they accept a position with Baptist upon graduation.

The great thing about this program is that the students get a break on the tuition and they also have a job waiting for them when they graduate.

Post 2

Subway11-I also wanted to say that there are many healthcare nursing jobs available today.

Those entering the field of nursing have the opportunity to become a licensed practical nurse with a two-year degree program.

In addition there is a standard registered nurse position that requires a four year degree and nursing license.

Within the nursing field there a lot of specialties.

There is a neo-natal nurse that works with newborn babies. In addition, there are also pediatric nurses that often work in a doctor’s offices.

There is also an obstetrics nurse who works with a pregnant mother on the day of her delivery. These nurses play a pivotal role by assisting the doctor delivering the baby.

Post 1

Many people are interested in the healthcare field seek healthcare sales jobs because they still get to work in the field of medicine and get paid very well for it.

For example most pharmaceutical sales and medical sales representatives earn a six-figure salary.

They often have a car allowances and work standard business hours.

They often call on doctors and try to get them to suggest some of the new prescriptions their company has available.

Often to entice the doctor, many healthcare sales representatives offer samples so that doctors can offer the samples to their patients.

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