What Happens to Cervical Mucus After Conceiving?

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The changes that occur in cervical mucus after conceiving vary from woman to woman. Some women notice that their cervical mucus tends to dry up after conception while others may notice that it seems thick and sticky. Still others may notice that their cervical mucus changes to creamy white soon after conception. In most cases, these changes are considered normal, but they may not last. The vaginal discharge a woman has may change at various times throughout her pregnancy.

When a woman is ovulating, her cervical mucus is often clear and stretchy. In many cases, people describe it as having an egg white consistency. After ovulation, this usually changes to a thicker, less-fluid type of mucus, though some women note that they seem to have much less cervical mucus after ovulation. If a woman has conceived, her cervical mucus may be similar to what she would expect after ovulation in a non-pregnant cycle. This may vary from woman to woman, however.

In the early days and weeks after conception, a woman may notice any number of changes in her cervical mucus. Those who do not notice it drying up altogether may notice that it become less slick and stretchy. In fact, many women describe their cervical mucus after conceiving as thick and sticky. Its appearance may change as well. The once-clear cervical mucus may become opaque once ovulation is over and conception has occurred.


A more obvious change in cervical mucus after conceiving may occur when a mucus plug forms in the woman’s cervix. This plug has the job of keeping bacteria and other harmful substances out of the cervix and uterus while the pregnancy progresses. When this occurs, a woman may notice less cervical secretion and have a general feeling of being drier in the vaginal area. This may not last for the entire term of the pregnancy, however. In many cases, a pregnant woman notices a whitish discharge that has a lotion-like texture as her pregnancy progresses; some women notice their discharge once again begins to resemble egg whites at this time.

It is important to note that while many women notice that their cervical mucus dries up somewhat after conception, others notice the exact opposite. Some women experience a great increase in the amount of cervical mucus after conceiving. In fact, women who normally experience a drying out of cervical mucus after ovulation may see an increase of cervical mucus as an early sign of pregnancy.


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Post 7

I had the EWCM three days ago while at work. I ran to the toilet to go pee, and noticed it. So when I got home my hubby and I had sex, and man, did it feel great! I know too much information, but usually he bores me with sex. I know I ovulated and am now waiting to see what events come of it. One DPO so far. I am convinced I am pregnant with number two!

Post 6

I confirmed ovulation with my doctor and had sex on the same day. Then I had sore breasts and cramps in my lower abdomen since ovulation. On day seven and eight from ovulation, I experienced mo cervical mucus at all, but on the ninth day, I had milky, non sticky cervical mucus. I have had no cramps since day eight. Is there any chance that I conceived?

Post 5

I'm having irregular periods and I am taking BBT daily, as my temperature rises. I hope I'm ovulating. I could even see spotting 10 days before my next period that may be implantation bleeding and my temperature is not elevated. It's between 97.5 and 98 and my normal temp runs between 96.8 to 97.4, I could hardly see any other pregnancy symptoms. Am I pregnant?

Post 4

I'm feeling that my cervical mucus has stopped almost. i didn't feel any mucus that I feel on normal days. Is there any possibility that I have conceived because I have still not missed any periods, but I am very curious to get answers and confirmation.

Post 3

I'm six months pregnant and I have seen some of these patterns as well.

Does anyone know if the lack of cervical mucus increases likelihood of infections or if it will be a problem while giving birth? I don't have much mucus at all and I'm worried that I might pick up an infection or have a difficult time when it's time for birth.

Should I ask my doctor about this?

Post 2

@MrsWinslow - You're so right. When I was trying to conceive, I would notice something different about my cycle every month, but I wasn't pregnant. (Until, of course, I was.) Checking cervical mucus before ovulation can be really helpful, but afterwards... you just have to wait.

One thing that some people notice isn't exactly a change in cervical mucus, but it's interesting. About a third of women will notice implantation bleeding. It can be just a spot or two, or like a light period, and it occurs in the 6-12 day range. It actually confuses some people who aren't up on Fertility Awareness because they might think it's a period and that they aren't pregnant!

Post 1

I just want to remind everyone not to go crazy looking for signs you might be pregnant. I know it's super-hard to do, but you really have to just be patient. You might see changes in your cervical mucus several days after conception, but until the fertilized egg implants, your body has no idea whether you're pregnant or not. And implantation usually doesn't happen until 6-12 days after ovulation.

There are basically two ways to know you're pregnant. If you take your temperature every day, you're almost certainly pregnant after 17 days of elevated temperature and no period. Or if you have a positive pregnancy test. Everything else is just going to make you crazy!

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