What Happens at a Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic?

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At a colon hydrotherapy clinic, trained professionals such as naturopaths preform procedures during which the colon is filled with liquid and drained repeatedly in order to flush out material that has built up in the colon. In order to do this, a tube is inserted into the rectum. The tube delivers liquid into the colon. When the colon is filling or full with the liquid, the therapist administering the treatment may massage the client's abdomen in order to assist with the cleansing process. The liquid that is used to cleanse the colon is usually regulated in temperature and pressure by a machine that also allows the client to see the material that passes out of his colon.

In order to make the process as comfortable as possible, a colon hydrotherapy clinic usually provides a comfortable padded table for the client to lie down on. The table usually resembles a massage table. Also, in order to make the process of inserting the tube into the rectum as comfortable as possible, the clinic usually has natural or synthetic lubricants on hand that are used to coat the end of the tube. Such lubricants may include virgin coconut oil or lubricants that are otherwise used to enhance sexual pleasure.


It is common for a colon hydrotherapy clinic to offer a few kinds of liquids that can be used to cleanse the colon. The most basic liquid that can be used is purified water. Some people choose to use water that has been infused with herbs while others choose to use coffee to cleanse their colons. A colon hydrotherapy clinic might also offer a colonic that involves the use of water that has been infused with garlic. Clients can also have the therapist adjust the temperature and pressure of the liquid during the session to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Although clients must remove the clothing on the lower halves of their bodies to undergo colon hydrotherapy sessions, a colon hydrotherapy clinic usually works very hard to make patients feel as relaxed as possible. Before the hydrotherapy session, the client is given the therapy room to undress as necessary and lay down under a blanket, sheet, or towel. The therapist administering the session can usually complete most of the session without the client having to uncover the private areas of the lower half of his body.


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Post 2

Unless it's medically necessary, as for a colonoscopy, there are just some actions that are meant for the privacy of one's own home. Enemas and the subsequent bowel movements are on that list.

I have a friend who lives in Southern California and she knows people who have colonics on a regular basis. She said they have told her the procedure can run upwards of $1,000USD. Good Lord almighty. That's my rent and car payment, with money to spare. Maybe it makes them feel better. I don't know. I wish I had the kind of money to spend to make myself feel that good!

Post 1

So, in other words, it's an enema clinic! I am not about to drop a few hundred bucks for something I can get at the drugstore for $5. It is absolutely unreal what some people will put themselves through in order to reach some idea of "healthy." It's worse than unreal -- it's ludicrous. It also sounds completely humiliating, even though it’s supposed to be a private experience. I can just imagine the “therapists” at the end of the day, “Can you believe what we flushed out of that colon?” Horrors.

Anyone who would spend that much money for someone to give them an extended enema obviously has a lot more money than they have good sense.

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