What Happened on March 15?

  • President Lyndon B. Johnson called for equal voting rights. (1965) In the wake of the violent handling of Civil Rights demonstrations, Johnson's plea was well-received. He signed a bill guaranteeing equal voting rights into law later that year.

  • Julius Caesar was assassinated. (44 BC) One of the most influential rulers in history, Caesar was stabbed to death by several of his fellow Roman senators. In the midst of a series of political and social reforms, Caesar's death resulted in a long period of civil war.

  • South Carolina declared independence from Britain. (1776) The colony was the first to declare independence and set up its own government, a tradition it continued by being the first to secede from the union before the Civil War.

  • The first ".com" Internet domain name was registered. (1984) The first domain name to be registered was symbolics.com, a computer manufacturer. Still active, the name was later purchased by XF.com, and is considered the oldest domain name on the Internet.

  • Czar Nicholas II abdicated. (1917) The last Czar of Russia, Nicholas was forced to abdicate by the rebels in the February Revolution. He and his family were held for a few months before being executed, ending centuries of monarchical rule in Russia.

  • George Washington ends the Newburgh Conspiracy. (1783) Disappointed by Congress' failure to pay them, a group of army officers in Newburgh, New York, started calling for a revolt in the newly established United States. Washington showed up unexpectedly at one of their meetings, and largely through force of personality, convinced the rebellious officers to stop their conspiracy.

  • Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married. (1964) The couple's relationship was one of the most scrutinized Hollywood marriages of its time, and was known for its violent ups and downs. Though the couple later divorced, their affair remained the stuff of Hollywood legend.

  • Charles II issued the Royal Declaration of Indulgence. (1672) Though the declaration was intended to extend religious liberties to those who refused to attend Protestant services, it was crippled by subsequent Parliamentary action.

  • The Godfather opened. (1972) Considered a modern classic, Coppola's epic masterpiece won multiple Academy Awards. It marked a turning point in Marlon Brando's career, as well as launching those of Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, and Robert Duvall, among others.

  • The heaviest rainfall in history was recorded. (1952) Over 52 inches (over 130 cm) of rain fell in less than a day in Cilaos, a town in the French island of Reunion.

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It shaped the modern world as you know it. Try not to be quite so ethnocentric.


@indigomoth - Um, I think that South Carolina seceding from Britain is actually a pretty important event, more important than the registering of the first .com address, anyway. It basically started the War of Independence and shaped the modern world as we know it.


@browncoat - Well, it is kind of a funny thing to remember. I think it's much more important that the first .com was registered on March 15th. That's something which really affects my daily life and it was a huge step forward for the world to get the world wide web, rather than just what was being used before it.

I think there are quite a few people in the world who also think this day is important because of the death of the Czar and his family. Or, because they think that Anastasia, one of the daughters of the Czar, actually escaped the slaughter, although that's been disproved quite a few times.


For some reason I always thought that the Ides of March was at the beginning of the month, but since reading this I discovered that it's actually the 15th.

Caesar was told to "beware the Ides of March", which were basically New Years celebrations for the Romans. And it was then that he was assassinated, so the prophecy came true (if there, in fact, was a prophecy in the first place).

I actually think he's one of the few people from so long ago who still has dates we remember him, simply because that phrase entered the lexicon.

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