What Furniture Is Made with Spruce Wood?

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Various types of wood are available for furniture construction, and the type of wood will generally affect the durability, appearance, and resistance to damage, not to mention the cost of that piece of furniture. Spruce wood is a commonly used wood for furniture construction, though its use is generally limited to the construction of indoor furniture. Like other softwoods, spruce wood is susceptible to rot, cracking, splitting, and other water damage, so it is not advisable to use this type of wood for furniture that will be used outdoors or in damp locations indoors.

Chairs, tables, bureaus, hutches, dressers, and even bed frames can be made using spruce wood. There are few types of furniture that can't be made from this type of wood, in fact, since it is easy to manipulate and can be less expensive than many other types of woods. If spruce wood is used for furniture making, however, it must usually be kiln dried first to avoid warping, splitting, and cracking over time. Once the furniture piece is constructed, the builder will usually seal the wood with some sort of chemical that will help protect the wood from common types of damage.


Banisters, toe kicks, runners, and veneers can all be made from spruce wood as well. These pieces of furniture or accents generally don't get exposed to as much moisture, and since veneers are usually glued or otherwise secured to another structure, the spruce will be far less likely to warp or crack. Banisters can often be straightened should the wood warp over time, though the process can be troublesome. Doors can also be made from spruce wood, though again, it is only advisable to make doors from spruce if those doors will not be exposed to significant amounts of moisture. Bedroom doors, for example, can be made from spruce, but front doors to the home probably should not be made from spruce because of the potential of warping and rotting.

Spruce wood can also be used as flooring within the home, and while a beautiful choice, the homeowner will need to be careful because damp climates can adversely affect the wood, leading to warping and uneven floor surfaces. Spruce floors should never be installed directly onto damp surfaces such as concrete or dirt; a waterproof barrier of some sort should separate the softwood from these damp materials to help prevent damage.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- If you like spruce wood furniture, you don't have to forgo owning it because of concerns about it's durability. There are certain steps that you can take to make sure that this type of furniture stays beautiful and lasts for years to come.

First of all, like the article points out, it is vital that you keep pieces of furniture that are made of spruce wood dry and out of locations that are prone to moisture. This will prevent it from deteriorating and warping.

Next, keep your spruce wood pieces clean. Wiping them down with a soft cloth frequently will keep them looking their best and prevent damaging dirt build-up.

Finally, you should keep your spruce wood furniture moisturized, not with water, but with a furniture oil that is formulated to use on this type of wood. Simply wipe it down with the oil several times each year to help prevent dryness, splitting and warping.

Post 1

I like the looks of spruce wood furniture, but am concerned about maintaining it since it can become damaged quite easily. Does anyone have some tips for making sure that furniture that is made of spruce wood lasts as long as possible?

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