What Factors Influence the Cost of Juvederm&Reg;?

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Juvederm® is a special type of filler that is injected into the skin to minimize wrinkles. It is most commonly used as a facial wrinkle treatment to fill in lines around the eyes, nose and mouth. The cost of Juvederm® depends on many different factors. Prices can differ by geographical area and even by doctor. The area of the face where it will be used and how much will be necessary also generally affect the final cost of a treatment. The average price of one syringe usually ranges between $800 and $1,300 US Dollars (USD), but some treatments may cost more.

Larger areas or deeper wrinkles will typically raise the cost of Juvederm® treatments because more of the product will most likely be needed to do the job. A lip augmentation, in which the filler is injected into the lips or into the skin directly surrounding the lips, will probably cost far less than a treatment designed to plump out the nasolabial folds, for example. These are the lines that run down the face between the cheek and nose that are prone to deepening with age. The cost of Juvederm® will usually be higher for longer or deeper than for smaller ones, such as the tiny wrinkles around the mouth.


When used as a lip filler, Juvederm® may be used in small or larger amounts, depending on how the patient wants the lips to appear after treatment. Lip enhancement is designed to make lips fuller and give a more youthful appearance. The cost of Juvederm® treatments for this often depends on how full the lips should be and whether or not the skin around the lips is also treated.

There are actually several products under the Juvederm® brand: Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus, Juvederm® XC and Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC. Juvederm® Ultra is the standard filler product usually used for lip enhancement and basic wrinkle treatments. Juvederm® Ultra Plus is commonly used for areas of the face with the larger, deeper wrinkles and lines. Juvederm® XC and Ultra Plus XC are also often used for deeper wrinkles and problem areas; this treatment can last up to a year.

The cost of Juvederm® formulas designed to last longer is usually a bit higher because they are used to treat more severe wrinkles and larger areas of the face. It can be up to a year before another treatment is needed to plump the skin again. There also is a Juvederm® gel option that is slowly absorbed into the body over time, making it a temporary solution but one often preferred by those who would rather not have surgery to minimize lines. Many cosmetic surgeons offer financing and payment plans to make the cost of Juvederm® treatments more affordable.


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