What Factors Affect Tiller Prices?

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Factors that affect tiller prices range from the size engine that is used on the machine, to the amount of system controls and the size of the tiller tines. Tiller width, type of tiller tines and the type of tire used on the drive system are all contributing factors to tiller prices. The number of speeds provided by the tiller transmission in both forward and reverse gears can also affect tiller prices. One of the biggest factors in the pricing of tillers is typically seen in the manufacturer of the machine, with some of the larger names in the industry commanding nearly twice that of a lesser-known manufacturer.

One of the most obvious factors that affect tiller prices on most models is seen in the size of the engine. Typically, the larger the engine used on a tiller model, the higher the purchase price. Other factors, such as twin cylinders, forced oiling and electric starting are all options that manufacturers can charge more for. The other engine-related factors that affect pricing are horsepower, fuel injection and horizontal or vertical mounting of the engine to the chassis of the tiller.


The controls available on any given machine can affect tiller prices. Features, such as power steering, automatic or hydrostatic transmission and automatic depth control, are all more expensive options than the originally equipped features of the base model tiller. Even the style and type of tires used on the machine can affect tiller prices, with the all-terrain or large, lug-type tires costing much more than the plain, low-tread tires provided on the base models. The placement of the engine on the machine will also affect the pricing, with front-mounted engine tillers commonly costing more than a rear or centrally-mounted engine model.

A predominant factor impacting tiller prices is often the manufacturer's name and the color of the machine. Brand names can command a much greater price than even a machine built by the same company under a different name. Many times, these different tiller models are assembled on the same assembly line, by the same workers, however, at the end of the line, different manufacturer badges or decals are place on the different models. It is often wise to examine the lower-priced version of any manufacturer's line if pricing is a determining factor in making a tiller purchase. In addition to the initial purchase, maintenance is often less expensive on tillers of a lesser-known name.


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