What Factors Affect the Price of a Quartz Countertop?

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One of the most durable types of countertop materials is quartz, which is an inexpensive and very common semi-precious stone. The price of a quartz countertop can vary according to several variables, including the size of the countertop to be installed, the labor rates of the installer, the distance the raw materials and finished products must be transported, the color and tone, and the finish. When researching the price of a quartz countertop, it is a good idea to get price quotes from several installers to find the best product at the best rate.

The hardness of the quartz may also have an impact on the price of a quartz countertop, though most countertops made from this material are sufficiently strong. The quartz is usually combined with a resin binding agent that creates a straight, smooth, and durable surface. Unlike granite, which can be susceptible to various types of damage such as cracking, heat damage, and acidic liquids damage, quartz is generally resistant to all of these types of damages, which may mean the cost of the material can be high. It won't, however, be any higher than the more popular granite, which means the buyer will get exceptional durability and beauty for around the same price as granite.


Perhaps the biggest factor that will affect the price of a quartz countertop is the installation charge. Various companies will charge different labor rates, and the price may include the cost of removing old countertop surfaces already in the home. The installer will need to produce a quote based on how much quartz countertop material is needed, how much cutting or shaping will be necessary to accommodate the shape of the countertop, and how much labor will be necessary to complete the job. The price of a quartz countertop can also vary depending on the stone's finish. Some countertops feature machined edges, for example, which means more labor must go into producing the material.

Some colors or tints are more difficult to obtain than others, so the price of a quartz countertop may vary according to the color. Many manufacturers will create a set number of colors or tints for their countertop materials, and if the homeowner prefers a different color, a special order may have to be placed, which can drive up the cost of the quartz fairly significantly. Other companies may also offer the color the buyer wants, though again, the price can vary by manufacturer.


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