What Factors Affect the Price of a Home Gym?

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The price of a home gym is contingent on a variety of factors, including the name brand of the equipment, the number of workout stations and the amount of weight plates included with the gym. For many people, the price of a home gym is worth the convenience of being able to work out at any time without having to leave the house or pay gym membership fees. Delivery, installation and setup can also add to a gym's price tag. Other factors affecting price include the size of the home gym and extended warranty options.

Similar to most other products, there are certain brand names of gym equipment that have solid reputations in the workout world and those companies typically price merchandise higher than lesser-known competitors. For some workout enthusiasts, having a brand they know and trust is worth the heftier price tag. Well-known manufacturers may offer services that competitors do not, such as installation, setup and periodic maintenance on the equipment. These features often may be added to a home gym package for an additional fee. The length and quality of manufacturer warranty as well as an extended warranty can also add to the price of a home gym.


Home gyms can typically be customized with an array of workout equipment and stations to suit the wants and needs of the purchaser. Equipment options for exercising many areas of the body are available, including bicep curls, ab crunches and chest presses, and additional workout equipment can often be included in the gym package for a price. Add-on options include pulley stations of varying heights, lateral pull-down bars and leg curl extensions.

The actual weight of weight stacks on home gyms vary, and upgrading from a single stack to a double stack or adding other weights to a package will typically increase the cost. Some styles of home gyms are weightless in that they use resistance in place of weight plates. The amount of resistance is typically adjustable to suit individual users.

The size of the footprint — which is the actual space the gym takes up in a home — can also impact the price of a home gym. While some gyms are bulky and require a lot of space, others are more compact. Often, home gyms with plentiful workout options and a small footprint will command a higher price. Another space-saving option which can add to the price of a home gym is the ability to fold it down for storage in a closet.


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