What Factors Affect the Price of a Backhoe?

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The age and overall condition will affect the price of a backhoe, but other conditions will raise or lower the price as well. A backhoe is likely to cost more money if extra attachments are included with the purchase; the size of the backhoe will generally have an affect on the price, as will any additional safety features, new technology, and even the location of the unit. The price of a backhoe can vary by country, region, or even locality, and the seller can essentially name his or her own price. For this reason, it is important for the buyer to research the typical prices of backhoe models he or she is considering.

The condition of the backhoe is likely to have the biggest impact on the price of a backhoe. A new unit will generally cost more than a used one, but the buyer needs to keep in mind that maintenance costs can add up quickly with a used unit. This should be factored into the initial purchase price so the buyer is prepared for the overall cost of the purchase and maintenance. A new backhoe is likely to be more expensive for several reasons: many new backhoe models include a manufacturer's warranty that will cover damage due to defects, the backhoe features new, strong, and durable parts that are less likely to break down within the first year or two of use, and new backhoes generally feature the newest technology.


The price of a backhoe may be affected by the brand name as well. More popular manufacturers will price their units higher than lesser-known brands. The availability of replacement parts and accessories is perhaps the most important consideration, and the price of a backhoe may be raised if the dealer includes a parts contract. Such a contract ensures the buyer will be able to buy replacement parts and accessories right from the dealer for a set period of time.

Backhoes vary significantly in size and function, and the price of a backhoe can be affected according to the intended purpose of the unit. Much larger backhoes are likely to be more expensive, while smaller units may be less expensive, but a smaller unit with several additional features or capabilities may be more expensive than a small unit without such upgrades.


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