What Factors Affect the pH of Semen?

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The main factors which can affect the pH of semen are stress, certain medications or drugs, and abnormalities in the seminal vessels that connect the testicles to the sperm reservoir. Semen that is acidic in nature can be indicative of a health condition, but many causes of pH irregularities are temporary and reversible.

Semen is generally alkaline because it acts to protect the sperm from the acidic environment of the female vagina. Without this protection, the sperm may die off or have low motility, leading to fertility problems. Simple things like stress and anxiety, vitamin deficiency, and frequent tobacco use may affect the pH of semen. If the semen is discovered to have an acidic nature, these causes should be ruled out before additional issues are considered.

Another factor which can affect the pH is the presence of an abnormality in the way the testes, connective vessels, or penis are constructed. This can indicate hormonal issues, since hormones play a large role in the pH of bodily fluids. Tests can be performed to check for these hormonal imbalances, as well as the physical signs that such imbalances may exist.


Males who are concerned about fertility due to a pH imbalance should begin taking a daily multivitamin and eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Stress should also be dealt with if it becomes a problem, and daily meditation or exercise can help reduce symptoms of severe stress and anxiety. Maintaining a proper weight can also prevent problems in pH levels.

If these tactics do not work to normalize the pH of semen, a healthcare professional should be involved to check for any underlying problems. Many abnormalities, such as vessel blockages, can typically be fixed with surgery. Hormonal issues can also sometimes be corrected by using oral or injected hormone replacement therapy.

In order to properly gauge the semen’s pH, a man should refrain from sexual activity for three or more days. He will then be asked to provide a semen sample, which will be tested for acidity and sperm health to determine whether the pH is not what it should be.


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Post 9

My semen is 9.0 meaning it's not good?

Post 8

What about a ph that is 9? It is out of range, but more alkaline. What factors could this have on fertility, and what are ways to bring the ph down?

Post 7

My PH semen has gone down to 6.456. How can I naturally increase it to a normal level?

Post 5

PH of Semen should range from 7.2-8.0.

Post 4

@literally45-- Yes. If semen is acidic, sperm will die when it enters the acidic environment of the vagina. It will not be able to make it to the egg to fertilize it.

Semen or seminal fluid contains sperm cells. Both seminal fluid and sperm have alkaline pH. When they enter the woman's body, the seminal fluid acts as a protective layer surrounding the sperm cells. It protects the sperm from the acidic environment so that they can stay alive and continue their journey to the egg.

Most of the sperm that enter at one time die long before they reach the egg, despite the fact that they're alkaline and have alkaline seminal fluid to protect them. Sperm with acidic pH will not make it at all.

Post 3

Do genetics play a role in semen pH? What is normal pH value?

Post 2

So if semen is acidic due to illness or some other cause, does this mean that the sperm will not be able to fertilize an egg?

Post 1

I am 25 years old and I had a semen test. The total volume was 6ml normal, 65 percent abnormal, 35 percent active, 60 percent dead, 20 percent sluggish and the pH was 5.6. Is my pH normal or not?

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