What Factors Affect the Cost of Sandblasting?

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Some of the factors that affect the cost of sandblasting are the type of blasting media being used, size of the item being blasted and the difficulty in blasting the entirety of the object. Other considerations adding to the cost of sandblasting are the location of the blasting, the type of material being blasted and the level of danger involved in the blasting process. Considerations regarding the disposal of the used blasting media, the potential for toxicology levels in the used blasting media and the time required to perform the blasting are all figured into the final cost of sandblasting.

Sandblasting is considered a very efficient method of removing rust, scale and corrosion from an object; however, the cost of sandblasting can often rise considerably depending on several conditions. Many sandblasting companies offer a set price for items that can be blasted in a sandblasting cabinet, such as small vehicle trim pieces, and a larger fee for items that require considerably more space, such as a car body or chassis. There are also varying charges for items that require the sandblasting take place away from the company's business location. Preparation and clean-up charges for mobile sandblasting services add to the cost of sandblasting.


There are several types of blasting media involved in figuring the total cost of sandblasting. Each type of blasting media, from silica sand to crushed walnut shells or baking soda, has a specific specialization that makes the use of the individual media necessary. The price of the blasting media can vary greatly and is a major factor in the final cost of sandblasting any item. Often, the media, such as silica sand, can be recaptured and reused, slightly reducing the total cost of the blasting procedure. This, of course, depends greatly on the materials that are being blasted and the ability to screen the used blasting media.

Also factored into any blasting charges is the cost of the disposal of the used blasting media. Media used for blasting toxic or potentially hazardous materials, such as fuel tanks and chemical containers, can commonly be extremely expensive to dispose of, and the disposal costs are passed along to the sandblasting customer. When large items such as automobile bodies are brought to a sandblasting facility to be stripped, the charge is often dependent upon how many layers of paint are being removed. In many cases, the blasting is so efficient that paint is removed one layer at a time. Several coats of paint require the vehicle to be essentially stripped several times to bring the finish down to bare metal. This labor expense, which is based on the duration of the blasting process, adds to the cost of sandblasting.


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What is the sand volume required per square meter of area? Per square meter labor charges? Equipment cost per square meter?

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