What Factors Affect the Cost of an Eyebrow Restoration?

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Factors that affect the cost of an eyebrow restoration include the pricing policies of the individual doctors who perform the procedure, the number of grafts completed during the procedure, as well as the cost of anesthesia. Medical costs are often affected by the local economy in the area where the doctor practices. Individuals who plan to undergo an eyebrow transplant should ask for a complete list of costs associated with the surgery from different providers so as to be able to compare costs and make a good decision about which doctor to work with.

Eyebrow restoration, sometimes called an eyebrow transplant, is a procedure not unlike a hair transplant. During the procedure, a medical doctor will remove what is known as donor hair from an unobtrusive area of a person's scalp and then implant these hairs into the eyebrow area of the patient. Eventually these hairs begin to grow as normal eyebrow hairs. People with sparse or non-existent brows undergo this procedure as a way to normalize their appearance. As it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, health insurance companies generally do not pay for it, and a patient must bear the cost of an eyebrow restoration on his or her own.


Each doctor who performs this procedure will set his or her own pricing policies. Typically, a doctor may set a minimum price for the procedure and then increase that price for grafts that take more time to complete. The cost of an eyebrow restoration will also differ based on the type of facility the doctor uses and the qualifications and number of staff he or she has assisting during the process. In general, choosing cheap eyebrow restoration may not be a great idea if it means compromising on safety. Some doctors who perform eyebrow restoration work in several different areas, and patients may find that prices at one clinic are less than others due to differences in local economic conditions.

Another factor in the cost of the procedure will be the patient's decision about anesthesia. In many cases, eyebrow restoration may be performed under local anesthesia, although the patient may be offered some type of oral or intravenous sedation. Patients who choose a heavier sedation may have to pay more to cover both the cost of the sedation as well as for monitoring by an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist. In addition, the patient may also decide to pay for painkilling drugs to take after the surgery, though these medications may also be included in the cost of an eyebrow restoration.


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