What Factors Affect the Cost of an Eyebrow Piercing?

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There are many factors that to consider when determining the cost of an eyebrow piercing, including the location and popularity of the piercing studio and the trustworthiness of the artist doing the piercing. Other factors that will affect the cost will be the materials that are to be used, the medication, and the post treatment care. If special materials are needed because an individual has an allergy to regular piercing materials, this will also play a role in the overall cost. Along with every other piercing available there is some risk of infection if the piercing is not properly cared for, which can also factor into the cost of an eyebrow piercing.

Two of the main factors to consider when calculating the cost are the location and popularity of the studio used. If the studio is located in a bigger city, the price may be much higher than if the studio is located in a small town. A popular studio can usually charge more than other unpopular studios because these studios generally have more clientele coming in their doors. Even though the studio is more popular, though, this does not mean it is better at eyebrow piercing than other, less popular, studios; it simply means they have done well advertising their business and are well known through word of mouth.


Any medication used before or after the piercing or during recovery will also be a factor in the price of eyebrow piercing. Sterilization should be done on all of the equipment used for the eyebrow piercing, and generally requires the use of alcohol or some other type of sterilizing process. Medication is also used to help prevent infection on the eyebrow. The post-treatment care is just as important as the sterilizing of the materials, because if an infection occurs after the piercing, the ultimate cost that will be paid for an eyebrow piercing will be even more. This healing process can last up to three months.

The materials used will also be a factor when deciding the cost of an eyebrow piercing. Titanium is the material most piercing studios like to use due to the fact that it is a pure metal and biologically inert; this means that the area will heal more quickly. Other materials can be used as well, including silver, gold, and even biocompatible plastic. Depending on the material and the shape of the jewelry that a customer selects, the costs of piercing can vary even more.

An individual receiving a piercing may also have an allergic reaction to the metal chosen in the jewelry. Replacing the jewelry that caused the allergic reaction may mean the individual will have to pay for two different pieces, as well as the care that must be taken to heal the area that suffered the reaction. This can increase the cost of an eyebrow piercing.


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@rundocuri- In addition to obvious preventative measures such as choosing a qualified eyebrow artist and a clean location to have the piercing done, you should talk to your doctor about taking an antibiotic before the procedure.

Often referred to as prophylactic medicating, taking an antibiotic before having a piercing will kill bacteria before an infection sets in and results in the need for more costly medical treatments. Though you will have to pay for a visit to your doctor and for the cost of the antibiotic prescription, this preventative action will potentially help you heal faster and could save you hundreds of dollars from having to treat an infection.

Post 1

Does anyone have some tips for avoiding an infection following an eyebrow piercing? The need to get medical attention for such a problem could be quite costly, so prevention in the first place is the key.

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