What Factors Affect the Cost of an Eyebrow Lift?

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Factors that affect the cost of an eyebrow lift are the expertise of the surgeon performing the procedure, the condition of the eyebrows before surgery, the geographic location where the brow lift is performed, and the need for anesthesiologist or operating room fees. Experienced plastic surgeons usually charge higher prices for their services. Those who practice in large cities also tend to be more expensive than those in rural areas. The cost of an eyebrow lift can also be higher for brows that require more extensive correction or cosmetic change. This kind of brow lift is frequently a more expensive inpatient procedure.

Doctors who have experience in a range of brow lift procedures and are certified by regional or national medical associations normally have higher surgeon fees for an eyebrow lift than less experienced doctors. Plastic surgeons with these types of credentials have usually completed specialized training in the latest techniques for completing natural-looking eyebrow lifts. Many of these doctors practice in metropolitan areas because most cities afford them a much larger base of potential clients. While the price of an eyebrow lift can be higher when one of these specialists performs it, plenty of clients report that the expense is worth the high quality results.


Getting an eyebrow lift entails one of several techniques that the consulting surgeon will recommend based on individual circumstances. Brows that have minor amounts of sagging or fine lines can often be improved with minimally invasive procedures such as filler injections or lateral mini-lifts. The cost of an eyebrow lift is generally lower in these cases since the procedure can normally be done in the plastic surgeon's office in a relatively short time. The cost of an eyebrow lift is higher for other methods, such as the full brow lift that involves a series of small incisions and sometimes the use of endoscopic surgical equipment.

When this type of cosmetic procedure requires local or general anesthesia, the cost of an eyebrow lift can sometimes be noticeably more expensive. This kind of invasive brow lift is often done to correct eyebrows that have become misshapen due to an injury or other medical condition. An anesthesiologist's services, operating room use, and time spent in hospital recovery rooms all come with their own price tags as part of the total brow lift expense. The cost of an eyebrow lift that is done for non-cosmetic reasons tends to be higher but can also be covered by health insurance in many cases.


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Complications following an eyebrow lift, such as infections or bleeding, can also increase the costs because the patient will need additional medical care to treat these problems. The two best ways to avoid such issues is to use the services of a qualified surgeon and closely follow his or her instructions during the healing process.

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Most eyebrow lifts can be done without general anesthesia, allowing the patient to save a lot of money. Before choosing the type of anesthesia you will have for your eyebrow lift, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about safe yet affordable options to keep your costs as low as possible.

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If you want to have your eyebrows slightly lifted but don't want to spend a lot of money or deal with a lot of recovery time, having Botox injected into your forehead and around your eyebrows may be the answer for you.

With the latest advances in injectible solutions, many plastic surgeons are offering facial rejuvenation procedures such as eyebrow lifts without surgery. Botox has the potential to lift the eyebrows, especially when injected by a surgeon or anesthetist that has experience administering it in this location.

Though the cost of a Botox eyebrow lift is less expensive than having a surgical eyebrow lift, the effects are only temporary. Though each person's results are different, Botox typically last 4 to 6 months before the effects fade and it needs to be injected again.

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