What Factors Affect Parakeet Prices?

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One of the biggest factors affecting parakeet prices is how the birds were raised. Parakeets are social creatures. If raised with a lot of human contact, parakeets will accept humans as part of their flock and feel comfortable around them. Parakeets raised around humans are generally more expensive than those raised in a pet store among other birds. Parakeets raised in a pet store have largely been trained only to accept other birds as their flock. Age and breed may also impact parakeet prices.

Parakeets accustomed to human contact are more expensive, but they are generally easier to train and also more likely to learn to talk. Ideally, someone looking to buy a parakeet exposed to a lot of human contact should locate a breeder who has hand-fed the bird. A hand-fed bird is accustomed to human touch and the sound of the human voice. Parakeets that are familiar with human contact should not be left alone all day due to their social nature and need for companionship. Someone who works long hours might wish to consider buying two parakeets, although this will likely cause both birds to not bond as well with the owner.


Store-raised parakeets are less expensive, and their flock consists of other birds since they have such limited contact with humans. If a person looking for a pet is more concerned about the bird’s appearance rather than its friendliness to humans and ability to talk, then the less-expensive parakeet from a pet store might be a good choice. It is important to remember, however, that parakeets are social creatures and might be happier with another parakeet for company. Parakeets without companionship can sicken and die.

Age may influence parakeet prices, and younger parakeets may be slightly more expensive. Younger birds are usually easier to train and better able adjust to new surroundings. Younger parakeets have lines above their cere — the area above their beaks. Mature parakeets do not have these lines.

Breed may also impact parakeet prices. The most common breed of parakeet is the one native to Australia. In their environment these birds are green, but breeders now raise them in various colors. The English parakeet, or English budgie, is larger in body length — about ten inches on average as compared to seven inches for the common parakeet. The English budgie is a favorite at bird exhibitions and shows, and is usually more expensive than the common parakeet.


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