What Factors Affect Employee Job Satisfaction?

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Low job satisfaction often leads to poor employee performance and productivity. Some factors that may affect employee job satisfaction include compensation and benefits. Job security, along with a peaceful and safe work environment, may also help improve job satisfaction. According to many experts, challenging and exciting work will also lead to happier employees. Open communication between supervisors and employees can help ensure job satisfactions in employees in many instances.

Compensation is one of the biggest factors that might affect employee job satisfaction. Employees should believe they are being paid enough for the work they are doing. Generally, a worker with a difficult or time-consuming job will usually be paid more than one with an easier job. Monetary compensation, however, is not the only thing to consider when looking at factors that affect employee satisfaction.

Many employees are also more satisfied when working for companies that offer employee benefits. This is especially true with older employees and employees with families. Offering health and life insurance, for instance, may help increase job satisfaction among employees. Many older employees may also be concerned with retirement benefits.

Job security is another very important factor that may affect employee job satisfaction. Employees will often feel more secure, therefore more satisfied, if they believe they will not get fired for no reason. If the reasons that an employee may be fired are clearly understood, this can help create the feeling of job security.


A toxic work environment can often lead to employee job unsatisfaction. Employees who believe they are treated fairly and with respect are often very happy with their jobs. On the other hand, employees who are belittled, ignored, or generally disrespected are often very unsatisfied with their jobs.

Most employees who work in safe environments also have a high level of job satisfaction. A safe work environment is often regulated by government agencies that create industry-specific safety rules. Many oil field employees, for instance, are required to wear protective outerwear, such as steel toed boots. Employees who work for companies that provide the boots are more apt to be satisfied with their jobs than those who work for companies that do not provide them.

Monotonous and repetitious tasks, or tasks that are simply too easy, may also affect employee job satisfaction in the long run. Performing the exact same repetitious task every day often does not appeal to employees. Presenting employees with challenges or periodic changes of scenery may help remedy this problem. A quarterly or annual sales bonus, for example, may push an employee to work harder, while increasing job satisfaction at the same time.

Communication is also very important when it comes to employee job satisfaction. Employees who believe they can not address concerns or problems with supervisors will often feel unsatisfied with their jobs. If the lines of communication are open, on the other hand, employees will typically feel more at ease addressing any concerns, and they will therefore be more satisfied.


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Post 2

I'd say one huge factor in employee satisfaction is feeling appreciated. I finally have a boss who, after 18 years of me working there, makes me feel like I'm a valuable part of the office environment. I'm more than just "the secretary." He recognizes that I do a whole lot of tasks that aren't in my job description, and aren't necessarily desirable, but have to be done to keep the place running.

He gave me a great evaluation this year and I nearly cried as we talked it over in his office. For all those years, I felt no one really noticed or cared about what I did, but he does! Someone finally let me know they appreciate what I do, and it really meant the world to me to hear that.

Post 1

Job security is a big deal in my industry (newspapers). This industry has really suffered the past 10 years or so, and nearly every paper is laying off workers. It's a serious situation.

Any place that has job security is definitely going to have better satisfied workers who, as a result, are more productive. That's just how it works.

Of course, employees can't get complacent and say they won't be fired or laid off, but if they know their jobs are secure as long as they do a good job, it goes a long, long way towards a happier office environment.

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