What Factors Affect Desktop Computer Prices?

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Several different factors can affect desktop computer prices. These factors include the brand of computer and the number of options and add-ons included in the computer package. In addition, the amount of memory and the speed of the processor can also affect pricing. Though less common, some consumers spend additional money to purchase a computer based on the overall “look” and design of the system.

In many cases, name brand computers are more expensive than generic versions. This price increase often has more to do with name recognition than any actual superiority of the product. One major difference between name brand and generic systems is that in most cases, name brand computers offer better warranties than generic versions. Having the option of returning a computer that is malfunctioning is often enough of an incentive to encourage many consumers to spend more money.

Functionality is an important factor in determining desktop computer prices. A computer with more memory often performs better for a longer time than a computer with less memory. In addition, hard drive space is also crucial, and the size of the hard drive usually affects pricing. Many consumers may also look for digital video drivers and other types of recording devices that may affect the desktop computer prices.


Most computers come with some software pre-installed. In most cases, the more software that is installed on a computer, the more expensive it is. This is especially true if the installed programs are from well-established and recognizable software publishers. Those considering purchasing a new desktop computer should be aware that many of the pre-installed programs may be trial versions only, and will expire within a certain time period. In order to keep the programs, a code will need to be purchased, and then a permanent version of the software can be downloaded.

Many consumers who are purchasing a new computer are buying an entire package. In addition to the computer itself, these systems typically include a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Some packages may even include a printer or digital camera. The number of extras included in a computer package usually affects desktop computer prices.

Some industry leaders in computer manufacturing make it a selling point to offer computers in sleek styling and in a variety of colors. They may also offer unusual or contemporary system design. Though this is less important to many consumers, for those who do value “looks,” this type of system may be well worth the extra cost.


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Post 4

I think computers should last longer because there are people who

cannot buy a new computer every year.

Post 3

There is a company here is St. Louis that advertises for refurbished desktop computers. I guess they buy up desktops, erase the memory, re-install all the important parts and sell them for big discounts. Does anyone have any experience with a refurbished computer? Are the cost savings worth buying a used computer?

Post 2

Buying desktop computers is like buying any electronic; it is probably best to do it online. You can compare prices, features, and warranties to get the best deal for yourself.

I recently bought a desktop online for almost three hundred dollars less than what it sells for in most stores. Save yourself some time, money, and hassle and use the power of the internet to find yourself the best deal.

Post 1

How good are generic desktops these days? I am considering buying one because I do not need a lot of computing power and I feel like even a generic computer can probably handle what I need it to do. Really, I just need a computer that can access the internet, run Microsoft Office, and store some files. Is there a good generic computer that sells for a reasonable price and can handle the minimal number of things that I ask it to do?

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