What Factors Affect Computer Programming Salaries?

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As with most jobs, computer programming salaries are affected by a variety of factors. Knowledge of these factors might help a current or prospective programmer position himself or herself in the best way possible to obtain a good salary. Factors such as experience, education, training or certification, specialized knowledge and interpersonal skills can affect computer programming salaries.

People who are interested in hiring computer programmers are possibly first interested in the level of experience that the programmer has. Knowledge of computer languages, software and hardware components and other material related to the job are all very important for a programmer to have. This knowledge and experience might be obtained through on-the-job training, educational courses or school programs. The ability to demonstrate this knowledge is also important, so an individual might choose to list any specific programming accomplishments on his or her résumé.

Education is another important factor that affects computer programming salaries. Many programmers have college degrees in areas such as math, science or computer programming. These programmers often do not start in entry-level positions based on the knowledge they have. Although it might be preferred, a college degree is not necessary for some programming jobs, so an individual might choose to participate in continuing education courses or community college courses that are specifically designed to enhance students' knowledge of programming.


Initial training and continued training are both factors that influence computer programming salaries. Hiring agents look for individuals who have sought out training for their profession and who continue to seek this training. Not only do those programmers possess knowledge that the company might benefit from, they also demonstrate their commitment to continually educating themselves in their chosen career path. Many training programs offer certification or testing for certification, which further enhances an individual’s résumé.

Most computer programming jobs require general programming knowledge, but some jobs might require knowledge of special computer processes or languages. Individuals who possess this specialized knowledge often get higher-paying positions because they are highly sought by companies. These positions usually involve more responsibility and have the potential to turn into managerial positions.

In addition to computer skills, interpersonal skills play a role in computer programming salaries. Some positions require an individual to work on his or her own, but other computer programming positions involve working with a team of individuals. Employers want to know that prospective employees have the knowledge to do the job and the skills needed to interact with a variety of people.


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