What Does "Presenter First" Mean?

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"Presenter first" is a term that identifies a strategy used with the organization of source code as part of a software programming project. The goal of the strategy is to arrange that code so that the programming can be subjected to a number of different tests to determine how it performs under certain conditions. The ultimate goal of the presenter first strategy is to ensure that all features of the programming are fully functional and do not lead to failure of the product after release.

The scope of presenter first will vary, depending on the complexity of the software under development. As part of the ongoing test-driven development, the process may call for periodically making changes to the source code. This allows the programmer to run scenarios to determine how those changes impact a feature that is being added to the package, as well as assess the impact of the change on other features included in the software. When and as any issues are identified, steps can be taken to reverse the code modifications or to amend the code further in order to compensate for the effects and restore full functionality to all included features.


Use of a presenter first approach is also helpful in determining which settings will be locked in the software package, and which settings end users can change in order to customize use of the product. This involves qualifying the settings so that the user cannot make a change that ultimately undermines the functionality of the product. As with the process of testing features, taking the time to test the results of the settings will go a long way in preserving the integrity of the finished software package.

The general idea of presenter first also comes into play when considering updates to current software versions or even the release of entirely new versions. The testing that takes place in the developmental stages helps to ensure that the source code is not altered in a way that undermines the function of a desirable setting or feature, but will allow for expanding the overall functionality of the product. Software companies will subject updates and new versions to a substantial amount of testing before release, effectively reducing the possible issues that could arise and make the product less desirable to consumers. At its best, presenter first aids in the creation of software that is very user-friendly, manages tasks with a high level of speed and efficiency, and meets the needs of the client in terms of both features and the ability to tailor the product to individual needs.


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