What Does an MIS Executive Do?

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Management information systems (MIS) are computer systems, as well as the ways in which systems are organized and used. For instance, in sales and marketing, professionals are participating in MIS when they access client data from business intelligence databases and share this information with others in their organization. A MIS executive is a high level information technology (IT) professional who is responsible for the design and implementation of an organization's computer systems. This executive might also develop training, procedure, and policy, which dictate the ways in which computer systems are used. An MIS executive might also participate in recruiting and managing MIS employees.

Individuals who become MIS executives normally have undergraduate degrees in computer science, information systems, or computer engineering. These professionals are high level managers, so they also tend to have a high degree of training in business management. Many employers prefer to hire MIS executives who have graduate degrees in business. Ideally, an MIS executive has an excellent technical grasp of information systems, as well as an understanding of business management and finance principles.


An MIS executive primarily works with other executives to learn about an organization's key challenges. It is common for an MIS executive to have weekly meetings with leaders from departments such as marketing, finance, and public or customer relations. This kind of executive might also meet with priority clients. These meetings are important resources for MIS executives who want to learn how newly implemented systems are working, where systems can be improved, and from which solutions organizations can benefit the most.

Once an MIS executive has learned from which solutions his or her organization most can benefit, he or she might work with other MIS professionals to learn about software and hardware that can help them to achieve their goals. At this point, MIS workers might analyze data that reflect current levels of productivity. They might then analyze data associated with new systems and software products to learn about the most cost effective solutions that result in the greatest long term profits.

It is important that an MIS executives keep track of new technologies. For this reason, these professionals often join professional organizations that offer seminars and workshops related to technology in their specific industries or markets. It is also common for MIS executives to attend trade shows and to read trade publications. They might also enlist the help of IT consultant firms, which often contribute fresh perspectives to challenges that an organization faces.


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