What Does an Italian Tutor Do?

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Italian instructors provide personal assistance with the fundamentals of the Italian language and culture to students, professionals, hobbyists, and foreign travelers. An Italian tutor should be well-versed in the language, and may be a native of Italy. Some teachers become fluent in the language after seeking out their own academic tutoring programs. Professional tutors may provide their services online, over the phone, at a client's residence, or in a classroom setting. Some Italian tutors may also sell educational tapes or videos.

Many Italian tutors begin offering their services while still in school themselves. Students who are studying the Italian language may be offered monetary compensation or classroom credits for tutoring students who are new to the foreign language program, or who wish to learn some Italian phrases for an international trip or other special project. An Italian tutor in school may hold group sessions or schedule one-on-one meetings with pupils. Some schools may employ a professional Italian tutor who has already obtained a degree or other types of experience providing tutoring services.


Private companies may hire Italian tutors to work with clients through several types of mediums. Online tutors often work from their home computers, consulting with students through chat and video conferencing. Some tutoring companies offer home visits or operate out of classrooms. These teachers are typically paid a salary by the company that arranges the meetings between tutor and client, and the instructor is often required to submit reports detailing client progress and to listen to client feedback.

An Italian tutor may operate his own business, offering personal tutoring sessions or consulting to companies with employees that frequently travel to Italy. Instructors wishing to obtain student clients may post business cards and fliers in public locations on college campuses, or drop off their information with professors in the foreign language department. Some entrepreneurial tutors may rent classroom space or establish their own online tutoring applications.

Most Italian teachers spend the bulk of their work time teaching the basics of the Italian language. Phrases, pronunciation, and basic concepts, such as numbers, months, and days of the week, are typical material. Instructors who specialize in advanced Italian may work with clients on conversing and implementing more complex grammar. An Italian tutor may also help clients understand Italian culture, including manners, food, and business etiquette. Clients who will be traveling to Italy often appreciate their tutors being able to coach them on routine phrases, like how to ask for restrooms and directions.


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Post 2

@raynbow- I have a friend who works at a college academic adviser, and I know that she often helps students find tutors in various subjects. Usually, the services of tutors are free to enrolled students.

Your friend should start by checking with an adviser at his school about finding an Italian tutor. He could also ask his Italian instructor if he or she has any recommendations for finding a tutor to help him succeed in the course.

Post 1

I have a friend who is taking Italian in college, and he is having a hard time grasping the basics of the language. I told him that he needs to get a tutor, but he said that he doesn't have the money. I think he should find out if his school offers the services of foreign language tutors, so I'm wondering how he can find out if an Italian tutor is available.

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