What does an IT Trainer do?

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An Information Technology (IT) trainer is an individual who is primarily responsible for developing training programs related to IT and coordinating technology based training sessions for a company's employees. Major corporations often employ at least one IT trainer, and smaller companies often hire self-employed trainers on a contract basis. The complexity of the IT training depends on the industry because science and technology companies require employees to have a more thorough understanding of IT than companies in other fields.

IT trainers must have a broad knowledge of computer programs, communications, and Internet based applications. Companies often require an IT trainer to have a college degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science. Firms that only require employees to have a basic grasp of IT often hire trainers with an education degree or a background in teaching. Small companies sometimes combine the IT trainer job with IT support, and employ one or more individuals to administer the company network and provide training for other employees.


The IT trainer must work closely with department managers and human resources personnel to establish training programs that will provide employees with the level of knowledge needed to perform their jobs. A company may develop several versions of the same basic training that are tailored towards the needs of employees performing different job functions. IT trainers must familiarize themselves with computer programs used by employees so that they can teach new employees how to navigate the systems and how to handle problems and potential glitches.

IT trainers often create computer based training programs or schedule classroom based interactive training seminars for company employees. Trainers must have good communication and language skills to produce easy to follow directions and provide clear instructions to trainees. Many trainers incorporate some form of testing into the training to ensure that employees have benefited from the class. When employees encounter difficulties with company systems, the IT trainer must act as liaison with IT support and look for ways to rectify major issues.

Independent IT trainers who are self-employed often concentrate on learning about certain types of technology, such as new computer software or communications devices. Many companies hire self-employed trainers to conduct training sessions for company IT employees who use the information provided to conduct their own training sessions with other employees. Self-employed trainers are often highly paid if they are able to secure contracts with major firms. The pay scales of trainers employed full-time by companies varies enormously, as some small firms hire trainers as entry-level employees while major corporations often pay high salaries to attract trainers with specialized skills.


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