What Does an IT Trainee Do?

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Working in Information Technology (IT), an IT trainee is typically responsible for handling various work-related tasks while learning on the job. This individual is often expected to assist with and handle technical support issues that arise, providing assistance to team members and managers as needed. An IT trainee is not an intern, however, so most of the work performed is likely to be related to working in the industry, not fetching coffee. As they are working, however, they are commonly expected to be learning and absorbing new material, so that they will be able to take on a team position.

An IT trainee is someone employed within the IT department of a company who is often recently graduated but who is still in a training position. He or she is typically expected to both work and learn while employed at a company. Most of the tasks an IT trainee is asked to perform are likely to involve technical work and dealing with support issues or hardware setups. A trainee at a company, for example, might be asked to set up a network or deal with a server issue and troubleshoot to determine whether it is a hardware or software problem.


Much like other forms of on-the-job training, an IT trainee is likely to be expected to work closely with team members and leaders to learn while working. Instructions from those who have already completed training are typically vital. An IT trainee usually has a strong educational background in computers, however, which can include a degree from a university. They are often expected to understand a great deal of technical information, and are trained further to appreciate real world applications of what they have learned.

An IT trainee is expected to learn and develop at a company, however, which means that the training aspect of the job should not be underestimated. While employers may not give tests, ongoing performance reviews are likely to include information in terms of task completion and learning. An IT trainee often needs to demonstrate growth and development to show team leaders and managers that the experience is providing notable benefits and improvement. This allows for movement into an established position as a team member working in the IT department at a company. Further progression toward a leader or manager position usually requires several more years of working in the industry.


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