What Does an IT Tester Do?

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A computer tester is a technical person who specializes in testing computer hardware and software. He is responsible for making sure a computer system works as designed. An IT tester is responsible for creating and completing detailed test plans. These plans define the tests that will be performed on the computer system before it is put into production.

There are several types of IT tester jobs. These are divided into either hardware or software positions. A hardware tester is a person who tests computer peripheral devices. These devices typically include computers, keyboards, monitors, printers, and mobile devices. A software tester tests computer application programs.

An IT tester is the person responsible for testing newer versions of computer equipment. He must ensure new equipment works with older cables and peripheral devices. This is a form of regression testing that validates newer versions of equipment with older software.

User acceptance testing is a type of testing that is done by the users of a computer system. A testing manager typically oversees this type of testing to ensure the end-user testers complete the tests defined in the test plan. During this type of test the user tester is actually managed by a professional tester.


Many modern computer systems are tested with automated testing scripts. A tester normally writes these computer scripts. The tester is responsible for making sure the scripts match the detailed tests defined in the test plan. Scripting is the most basic form of computer programming because the scripts are run through an automated testing program.

An IT testing career requires good communication and problem solving skills. The tester often talks to end-users and technical professionals, which requires diverse communication skills. He should be able to understand technical concepts and convert this technical jargon into an easy-to-understand language.

It is not uncommon for an IT tester to have a bachelor degree in computer science or information systems. This curriculum teaches a person the necessary skills to perform this job. He should have strong written and verbal communication skills because he often interacts with the business users of a company.

IT tester jobs are a critical part of most organizations today. Large staffs of people with testing skills are often necessary. The testers are people who ensure new products work before they are deployed to the entire organization.

United States (US) government agencies are required to test software for disability compliance regulations. This is meant to help people with disabilities have better access to electronic information. A tester in the United States is expected to make tests plans that test for this.


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