What does an Irrigation Technician do?

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An irrigation technician manages property grounds using specific equipment to fulfill landscaping needs. There are a variety of duties this person performs, including irrigation installation, fertilizing and trimming. They may also plant and put down soil. It is this individual's job to ensure that watering equipment is functioning properly. This employee is also responsible for fixing any repairs needed on the irrigation equipment.

A person working as an irrigation technician must know how to operate a number of tools to complete his or her work. This person is responsible for operating irrigation controllers, sprinkler heads and pipes. He or she may also work on valves, tractors and mowers. This individual also works with all of the electrical wiring pertaining to the irrigation system. This employee must know proper sizes for parts installations to ensure ideal functionality throughout the irrigation processes.

While operating the irrigation systems from day-to-day, the irrigation technician reads the numerous gauges and monitors relating to the irrigation system. This individual is tasked with making sure that all of the property-maintenance systems are operating at their appropriate levels. This person communicates with other employees in the property maintenance department to ensure proper coordination of activities. The irrigation needs of a business or organization may differ depending on the season or occasion; as a result, the irrigation technician is responsible for maintaining a strong working relationship with property owners.


An irrigation technician is expected to be an expert in the installation and troubleshooting of irrigation controllers. He or she performs regular testing on all system functions to maintain optimum productivity. This individual may have to operate heavy machinery, such as a dump truck or trencher, to install all necessary irrigation utilities. He or she is responsible for using parts and techniques that remain in accordance with local ordinances and maintain industry standards.

The job of an irrigation technician calls for records to be kept of all the irrigation management activities and completed orders. Work is typically performed on an assignment basis. The nature of the job requires someone in suitable shape for physical exertion. This employee works mainly outdoors and often under harsh weather conditions. He or she will often be required to do heavy lifting, work with noisy machinery, and toil in dirty areas.

In some cases, an irrigation technician is asked to design the irrigation system itself. These jobs are usually reserved for more experienced technicians with extensive expertise. In the design process, he or she plans the proposed irrigation systems in such a way that they meet local and federal specifications. Ultimately, the success or failure of any irrigation system remain in the hands of the irrigation technician.


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