What Does an Inventory Coordinator Do?

Dan Cavallari

The specific job responsibilities of an inventory coordinator can vary according to the type of company for which he or she works, but in general, this employee will be responsible for managing the inventory or file systems at a specific location or throughout a company. The inventory coordinator must be exceptionally organized and able to manage complex systems; computer skills are almost always required for this job, and the job candidate will need to have at least a high school diploma to be considered for the position. Basic math skills will be necessary, as will basic communication skills.

Inventory coordinators may be asked to forecast, track and reconcile inventory.
Inventory coordinators may be asked to forecast, track and reconcile inventory.

Many companies today prefer to hire an inventory coordinator who has at least some college experience. Some two-year degrees will prepare the job candidate for a position as an inventory coordinator, and coursework will often focus on computer skills, math skills, and organizational techniques. Obtaining such a degree will give the job candidate a leg up on the competition, especially if the candidate has some work experience as well. Jobs in retail, clerical work, or any other position that requires the employee to be coordinated, organized, and able to work in a professional setting will look great on a resume.

An inventory coordinator may work alone when managing inventory.
An inventory coordinator may work alone when managing inventory.

Many retail establishments, or larger distributors who send goods to retail establishments, will hire one or more inventory coordinator to ensure all goods are accounted for. The inventory coordinator may work alone or as part of a team to manage inventory and ensure it goes where it is supposed to go; documentation associated with the purchase or sale of goods will need to be filed properly, and easily accessible. Most companies perform a compete inventory of all goods once or twice a year, and the inventory coordinator will often be responsible for performing this difficult and time-consuming task. It is likely that the coordinator will oversee a team of inventory workers, especially if the company's inventory is exceptionally large.

The coordinator may work with management to assess inventory flow and suggest changes for improving that flow of goods through the company. He or she may also examine documentation that is prepared in relation to any goods that enter or leave the company's holdings to ensure that documentation is complete, accurate, and filled with the necessary information for analyzing profit and loss or other measures. The coordinator may even be responsible for developing more accurate documentation procedures by analyzing gaps in performance throughout the inventory process.

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