What does an Insurance Account Manager do?

N. Madison
N. Madison

An insurance account manger is usually responsible for overseeing insurance accounts that are assigned to him as well as securing new accounts for the insurance company. In most cases, a person with this title has the job of providing customer service and problem resolution for the clients to which he is assigned. He may make changes to his clients' accounts when necessary and implement customer-retention strategies. Additionally, a person with this title may contact potential clients, especially companies, for the purpose of bringing in new insurance business.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

One of the most important parts of an insurance account manager’s job is making sure the clients to which he is assigned are kept happy. An insurance account manager usually serves as his clients' main contact at the company and is the person the clients contact when they want to make a change in their current insurance policies, need another type of policy, or have questions or concerns. Since an insurance account manager’s job is to keep his assigned clients' business, he usually works to resolve his clients’ issues as quickly as possible.

Typically, an insurance account manager is expected to develop good business relationships with his assigned clients. This may help ensure that they feel comfortable contacting him when they are in need of help and remain loyal to the insurance company. Likewise, he has to communicate with other members of the insurance company’s staff. As such, a person who wants to work as an insurance account manager is usually expected to have excellent communication skills and get along well with others.

Another part of an insurance account manager’s jobs is sales. He is usually expected to help secure new clients for the insurance company, and in most cases, his sales efforts are focused on corporate clients. An insurance account manager may seek corporate clients of all sizes for the company, however. For example, he may attempt to attract clients who own very small businesses as well as large companies with an abundance of stock holders. His sales efforts may include those made by phone and via the mail as well as through in-person sales presentations.

The requirements for becoming an insurance account manager may vary, but most companies prefer candidates who have significant experience with insurance products and laws as well as talent in sales. Business-to-business sales experience is particularly helpful. Additionally, many companies prefer those who have college degrees.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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