What does an Inspection Supervisor do?

Patti Kate

An inspection supervisor's job primarily consists of executing inspection details and formulating an inspection agenda. The job requires overseeing all inspection work to be sure that it gets done accordingly, and typically also includes writing reports on completion. An inspection supervisor job description may encompass all aspects of coordinating all projects that need to be accomplished in the inspection process, involving materials and labor.

An inspection supervisor may be responsible for inspecting company projects that have a construction time to complete.
An inspection supervisor may be responsible for inspecting company projects that have a construction time to complete.

Most often inspection supervisors will have to directly answer to a higher authority such as a quality control analyst or supervising staff. He will generally submit his findings in a detailed report. This is typically the case in most companies, ranging from nuclear power plants to public office buildings.

Inspection supervisors coordinate the entire inspection process.
Inspection supervisors coordinate the entire inspection process.

In most inspection jobs, the supervisor must ensure every aspect of operation complies with regulations set by the township, city, or state or government. He will mull over plans of all contracts, and ensure that all amendments and allocations have been met accordingly, with no details overlooked. If he finds a statute that is not in compliance with the rules, he will be required to see that it is amended.

An inspection supervisor will also have miscellaneous duties and tasks. This may involve being in charge of evaluating quotas and statistics. Inspection supervisor careers may also involve evaluating and reassessing the work of his hired inspection staff. The inspection supervisor may often be involved in the technical aspect of his career. This may also entail training other employees in various aspects of inspection work.

In addition to training staff members, inspection supervisors may also be required to make an assessment of performance and instruct or advise ways to improve the quality of work. The supervisor will often alert his staff to unsafe conditions, either in work practices or materials. Inspection supervisors may also be required to correlate inspection projects with other districts in the county, city, or state.

In conjunction with other departments, divisions or agencies, the supervising inspector may need to employ research efforts to accomplish various projects or tasks. He may be required to receive and address public complaints, then implement a plan to resolve the issue. Another aspect, similar in essence, might be to reply to inquiries or concerns from consumers and customers.

Depending upon the division of work the inspection supervisor is involved in, he may be required to inspect major buildings and company projects that have an ongoing construction time to complete. He must be extremely knowledgeable in departmental procedures. In many cases, the inspection supervisor may also be required to work independently with little outside assistance.

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