What does an Injury Lawyer do?

Britt Archer

An injury lawyer, commonly called a personal injury lawyer, represents the victims of accidents which were the result of other people's actions. Injury lawyers may be of help in situations where a customer slips and falls in a store, or an automobile accident, and even injury as a result of a malfunctioning product. An injury lawyer will research a person's case with the doctors who treated him, family members and others who can attest that the injury received will affect that person greatly, perhaps even for life.

Injury lawyers represent victims of accidents.
Injury lawyers represent victims of accidents.

Personal injury does not just refer to a person, however. Damage to a person's property and reputation are also handled by injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers handle malpractice lawsuits against doctors, and some may specialize themselves. Two examples of specialization are a birth injury lawyer, who handles problems that arise in a mother or baby during the birthing process, or a brain injury lawyer, where damage has been done during surgery to a person's cranium and brain. Injury lawyers may practice independently, but they are usually part of a larger practice.

Personal injury lawyers help their clients get compensation for their injuries through a lawsuit.
Personal injury lawyers help their clients get compensation for their injuries through a lawsuit.

Not all injury lawyers handle every type of personal injury, so it is important for a person considering hiring one to inquire about the types of cases the lawyer handles. Most injury lawyers operate on what is known as a contingency fee, meaning that if they win the case, they receive a percentage of the final settlement, and if they lose they do not get anything. This varies by lawyer, and it is important to discuss costs before agreeing to hire an injury lawyer. It is also important to ask about an injury lawyer's credentials, and the history of their cases, especially those that are relevant to the situation.

It is also recommended to ask how often a lawyer has gone to trial with his or her case. Another important question is whether he or she will abide by a client's wishes if the client is happy with a proposed settlement and decides no to go to trial, even if the lawyer thinks it is a good idea. It is best to talk to several different lawyers, and many do not charge an initial fee for meeting with a client. Finding the right injury lawyer is different for every person and every case, so it is best to do some research or even get a referral from another lawyer before choosing one.

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You never know when you might need an injury lawyer, but it's good to be informed just in case. I have a friend who was in an accident, and had to go through litigation to get money to pay for his injuries. It always helps to have a good personal injury lawyer on your side.


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