What does an Information Technology Director do?

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An information technology (IT) director is a senior level executive that is responsible for the computer systems and electronics within a corporation. Although this position may not appear to be a necessity to an outsider looking in, businesses have quickly realized that in order to remain competitive within their respective job markets, online and viral marketing is essential. The information technology director not only supervises the acquisition of technological equipment like software, in-house messaging, and portable devices for the sales force, but he also leads these types of marketing campaigns to increase the profitability of the corporation. Another essential responsibility of the IT director is ensuring that the entire company stays up to date on regulations and other changes. Many analysts agree that the information technology director is one of the most essential positions within any business because this person creates ways for employees to effectively communicate.


This position is also commonly referred to as a chief information officer (CIO), which may appear a bit misleading. When the Internet first became popular back in the 1990s, the IT director or CIO was often a college graduate with extensive training within the technological genre. As businesses evolved and their online presences became more vital, corporations realized that even someone with a master’s degree in information technology was not properly equipped to lead a team of technicians to invent smart, practical marketing campaigns that would expand the company’s overall market share. Over time, the position gradually evolved to target business professionals with extensive leadership and marketing experience.

The daily experiences of an information technology director vary greatly based on the relative size of the corporation. Within a small to mid-sized business, the IT director may directly oversee each aspect of the company’s online presence personally, plus make the decisions on new hardware and software solutions that will allow rapid expansion. Those in this role will also likely be responsible for setting up the company’s internal email system, managing the web domains, and ensuring that security protocols are in place to keep information secure. In larger corporations, the information technology director may be a member of the board of directors and spend the majority of the day working with other senior officers.

In essence, an information technology director is like a conductor standing before a massive orchestra, helping a large number of employees come together. Several common business problems can either be completely averted or infinitely heightened by the talent of their IT director, which is why a larger number of business owners are seeking an information technology director with ample leadership and managerial skills. As this position evolves in the future, candidates will likely be expected to hold both an IT and a business management degree.


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